Freedom Park Faculty and Staff Newsletter - January 28th


Mid Year Conference - Today!

Reminder. Your mid year conferences are today. Please make sure you have uploaded evidence.

Think TKES - Standard 3 Instructional Strategies

As we think about student learning, we know it is important to use researched based instructional strategies that are relevant to the content. Think TKES - Just like everything else, questions must be planned. Think about what you are asking and why. What information are you gaining? How does this help to assess students and drive instructional practice?

Look what I found! It is called 53 Ways to Check for Understanding:

Are they ready for Milestones?

Are you seeing your students annotate text daily? The following is evidence of close reading. Students need to practice it daily in order to do this kind of reading on the Milestones.
Big image

Professional Development

Take Charge of Your Professional Development - Upcoming Courses

Please sign up on Business Plus. Pick a course any course. Email Dr. Singh and let her know you plan to attend so that you can receive TKES credit. Remember we all need professional learning hours for TKES/LKES this year.

  • 2-2 New Teacher Professional Learning (required for new teachers)
  • 2-5 Teaching is a Team Sport. Get the most out of PLCs.
  • 2-6 Creating Meaningful and Successful Assessments
  • 2-12 Sunsmart and Skinsafe
  • 2-12 Effective Classroom Management Through PBIS for Elementary

Teaching Media Literacy in the Classroom

When: Today, January 30th @ 3:00 PM. All interested parties please register:

Hey Middle School

Middle School teachers must now become high school certified to teach high school courses. Do you need more information regarding test information, district level support, reimbursement Information, and GACE testing dates? Check this out:

The Digital Conversion @ Freedom Park

Techsetter News

Check out Buncee! It is a creation and presentation tool with unlimited possibilities. Buncee allows students to participate in blended learning activities, writing activities, and small groups. Students also can create interactive student notebooks. Imagine sharing this in a parent conference. Teachers can also create formative assessments.

Freedom Park Commercial

Did you know we have our own FPS commercial? It will be used next year for promotion and recruitment fairs. I thought you might want to take a look.

Deadlines - Meet the Mark

iReady - Benchmark Updates

The second diagnostic testing window closes February 2, 2018. That is this Friday. Please make sure all your "rushed" flagged students are retest. Let's get ready to look at that data.

You Can't Stop Our Shine!

Congratulations Freedom Park Elementary School (Grades K-5)

You have received kudos from the district. You were among the schools who got the job done! You had all your Benchmark Assessment 2 scored on time. You work. We all know this took a lot of hard work and wanted to thank you for showing how we shine at FPS!


Curriculum Revision

The Curriculum and Instruction Department will soon commence Phase IV GSE of the Curriculum Writing Project. This phase will include curriculum creation and revision. Would you like to help? The application deadline is February 2, 2018.

K-2ND Reading Endorsement

If you are a K-2nd teacher or would like to be you need to have your reading endorsement. The application follows:

ARJ Zumba

ARJ is hosting free Zumba classes. Interested parties should register.

For Your Information


All County Elementary and Middle School Chorus Concert, March 6, Paine College

Kids on the Block Program - MHA

Kids on the Block is an educational program (puppet show) that celebrates mental, physical, and cultural differences. Ask Dr. Singh for more information.

PreK Registration Update

Registration is through February 28th. This is online only. They must go to the county website to register.

Gifted - Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Young Scholars Program

Applications are available. The deadline is March 21, 2018. Please visit the following for more information: