Miss Referente's Class Newsletter

Week of November 28-December 2

"Healthy Choices"

Dear Parents/Guardians,

This week we learned about making healthy choices. We talked about fruits and vegetables. We graphed what healthy foods that we like and things we bring for snack that is good for you.

We played a good and poor food choice game, by getting a picture of a food and sorting them into healthy or unhealthy foods. We talked about what foods are good for you and what foods are not good for you. We talked about how some foods taste good, but can still be unhealthy for you.

We continue to talk about the "group plan" and being a part of the "group". The preschool years are a crucial time in the development of a child. During this time, friends develop social skills that will be imperative for interaction in the school years. Friends are beginning to learn basic social skills such as acceptable public behavior and how to have emotional self-control.

We talked about shapes and characteristics of shapes. We played an "I Spy" game with shapes. We live in a three-dimensional world. In order to interpret and make sense of that world, friends need both analytical and spatial abilities. Geometry, involves the notion of shape and dimension. These are used extensively to describe and understand the world around us.

The storyteller came to visit this week.

Friends are enjoying playing in our pretend salon. They are pretending to wash, cut, and dry hair! If you have any items that would go great with our pretend salon, our friends would greatly appreciate it!

Our Winter Party is coming up soon! Look out for a note in your child's backpack about details! I hope to see you at the Winter Party!

Books we read:

I Love to Eat Fruits by Shelley Admoni

Splat the Cat Takes the Cake by Rob Scutton

Pete the Cat: Pete's Big Lunch By James Dean

Something From Nothing by Phoebe Gilman (told by Ms. Jeanne, storyteller)

Word of the Week: Nutritious – eating healthy; having substances needed to promote good health and proper growth.

Next Week’s Word of the Week: Habit - a usual way of behaving; something that a person does often in a regular and repeated way

Letter of the Week: Ff, Bb, Nn

Dates to Remember: (also check your Beaty Calendar for more info)

December 15 – Winter Party - Please send $3 by December 9th.

AM Party - 9:55-10:40am

PM Party- 2:10-2:55pm

December 16 - NO PM Class

December 19–January 2 – WINTER BREAK – NO SCHOOL

Ideas for Home:

-Read, Read, Read!

-Practice letter recognition!!!

-Cook healthy foods! Make a vegetable or fruit tray, salad, soup, or sandwich! Talk about healthy foods.

-Play alliteration games. For example, “I Spy something that has the same beginning sound as ‘banana’”.

-Make up silly rhymes. For example, “There’s a bear in my hair or a squash that needs a wash!”

Visit our class webpage to see what things we are doing in class!!

As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to email or call me!

Reading aloud books-bedtime story book : I love to eat fruits and fegetables (healthy food for kids)

Giving Tree (items you can voluntarily donate for our class)

-glitter (different colors for art)

-paper plates (for cooking and art)

-popsicle sticks (for art)

-googly eyes

-foam stickers

-Pretend bakery items