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For the week ahead.............


It is my hope that last week you enjoyed the short time that we were able to collectively say, "thank you" for the many tasks you do as teacher. We can never thank you enough, our work is never done. Although the work is never done, it is refreshing to take a moment just to say, "thank you." A special thanks to our PTA (which includes some of you), our donors and friends that worked along with me and to Ms. Fraser our awesome Assistant Principal for helping to celebrate our team!

Congratulations to Superhero Wong-Ford and Mr. Ford, they have welcomed Ivan Josiah Ford on 5/6!!!!

The week ahead will be a very busy week. Please ensure that you have adequate plans for students; involving all learners. Sometimes end of the year activities prove to be difficult for students requiring accommodations as they are used to routine and additional support. Please keep this in mind.


There is a scheduled celebration to take place during tomorrow's staff meeting; although this was previously scheduled it is necessary that we push the celebration forward (beginning after our staff meeting). We will have a staff meeting in the PLC room on May 9th, beginning at 3:15 pm. Plan to attend. This meeting impacts our site and should be attended by all Certified staff.

Once we are done will begin.

A huge safety concern: On last week and on many occasions prior, there are 3 security doors that are being accessed inappropriately. DO NOT prop doors open in the building, it places everyone in danger way (student and staff). Everyone who works at Bell has a security badge, although each door is not accessible with your badge---you need to find a entry that is accessible with your badge when you enter/exit. Propping doors open allow entrance to the building by unwanted visitors and compromise the safety of students and staff. This is NOT acceptable. If you have lost your badge, you may get a replacement badge by going to the ESC-Mason building (6th floor).


As you begin wrapping up for the school year, remember that rooms will be cleared for check-out. In a separate email you will receive and electronic copy (and a paper copy) by Ms. Fraser, myself and our office staff for the end of year teacher check out. This check out is to be completed prior to check out on May 18. I will provide it this week to give amble time as your close out the school year. Additionally, I will be sending out the applications for team leaders. If you are interested in applying for a team leader position for school year 2016-2017 be on the look out.

With all the events of the week, if you are unsure phone a friend.

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Compliance for the week of May 9th - May 13th


Continued reminder to avoid letting your hair down, teaching and learning is still in progress!

Remember to post standards, monitor often and Involve all Learners. End of the Year activities should continue to be linked to state standards and provide accommodations to students on an IEP, or supports to struggling students or students on CST/working below grade level. Keep your room safe, orderly/tidy (Indicator 3).

Monday 5/9

  • Lesson Plans due
  • Staff Meeting - Upper PLC Room @ 3:15
  • MAP Testing K-3
  • Support Staff Conferences
  • Complete google documents for the end of the year award assembly/awards
  • View end of the year check out list.

Tuesday 5/10

  • College Awareness Day
  • Lesson Plans due ( SPED)
  • PLC K, 1,2 ( Ensure Retention Review/CST Files are complete, submit to team leader)
  • Support Staff conferences
  • MAP Testing K-3

Wednesday 5/11

  • PLC 6 ( Ensure Retention Review/CST Files are complete, submit to team leader)
  • Support Staff conferences
  • MAP Testing K-3

Thursday 5/12

  • PLC 3,4 (Ensure Retention Review Files/CST are complete, submit to team leader )
  • Support Staff Conferences
  • MAP Testing K-3

Friday 5/13

  • ALL Grades due in PowerSchool********************
  • PLC 5 (Retention Review Files/CST)
  • Support Staff Conferences
  • MAP Testing K-3
  • 4th Grade Field Trip

Grades: THIS IS A HARD DEADLINE; No Exceptions
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Field Trips and Behavior

Please remember the importance of safety and order as we enter a very busy school week. Still, referrals are increasing. Remember to use the school wide discipline systems when responding to student behavior. Referrals should be legible and completed.

For some reason, students are being dropped off in the office for office staff to supervise. Avoid dropping students off in the office without a referral.

If you are scheduled for a field trip, remember it is the responsibility of the teacher to make arrangements for children that do not attend the trip. Students should not be excluded from field trips without parent notification (this should not occur the day of the field trip).

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Important: Save the Dates

  • 5/11 Kindergarten Graduation/
  • 5/12 Volunteer Luncheon
  • 5/12 -6th Grade Promotion Ceremony @6pm
  • 5/13 Final Running Records Due/GRADES DUE by COB *******(K-5)
  • 5/13 GRADES STORED (***Required****)
  • 5/16 Talent Show
  • 5/17 Field Day /Report Cards Issued

School Year 2016-2017

  • 8/5 Bell Retreat (Tentative) more information to come
  • 8/16 First Day Back to School (Teachers)--Teacher work day
  • 8/17 Professional Development Full Day-District (required)
  • 8/18 Professional Development Full Day-District (required)
  • 8/19 Site Professional Development Full Day (required)

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Retention Review

Have you recommended a student for retention?

Retention review is a required process by TPS when considering retention of a student.

If a child is failing ( D, F) consistently, adequate communication is expected with parents as well as the CST team throughout the school year. We have established the need for 2 segments for retention review (3rd grade RSA considerations once OCCT is returned and another segment for all others). Retention review requires that the teacher of record complete the paperwork linked here. This application should accompany a portfolio of the student that creates a very clear picture of the students mastery from each content, class work, assessments, writing samples, guided reading progress/small groups and data (SRI/SMI/MAP/district check-in/ teacher created tests, etc.). If you haven't submitted the portfolio with the application, please do so by COB, Monday, May 9th. The retention review committee will reschedule to meet your needs. To date we do not have any portfolios just applications. A portfolio is required. If you have questions, please contact me or Ms. Fraser or your team leader.

Need for Retention Review (please ensure you understand the policy, as decisions can be appealed by the parent and the reviewing committee will review your portfolio and application:

  • Portfolio (teacher developed)
  • Light's Retention Scale (see link)
  • Retention Application (see link)

In the event that you have forgotten if you submitted a student for retention review, the requests are listed here.

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Special Education

Kudos and great thanks to our special education department/team for working feverishly to complete compliance for the site. We are on target for site close out as required by the district for our students being served an IEP. Although this work takes so much and is different from years past, it will grant us great transitions into the school year. Thank you team for your hard work. Just a few more to go. See attached for transition details for confidential folders.

Enter 4th Quarter/EOY Award Recipients HERE: