How to study in middle school

Study Tips

1 Some people need total quiet and some people need music in the background when they are studying.

2. Study a little every night instead of cramming late the night before the test.

3. A good night sleep helps. Not blurry eyes and a tired body.

4. On the front of a note card write an idea or work on the back write the answer. Have your friend or mom/dad to tell you that word and you say the answer.

5. One great way to study is to make a list of the important information from a chapter and write it on your own.

6. When you are reading the answer you need to write 2-3 key words.

7. Studying takes time and effort. Get organized, ask for help and put effort in improving your study habits ow.

8. Discussing assignments with friends is another way to study.

9.For every class dedicate a binder or folder or notebook . There should be a place for class notes, handouts and homework assignments

10.Most students have an agenda book, but they don't write anything in it. Each day write down the assignment posted in each classroom.

Mathew Johnson, author