Inside a Monster Storm

Kaitlyn Sork, Claire Holmes


1. Eye- the calm area in the center of the hurricane or any other tropical cyclone

2. Eye wall- the ring of thunderstorms surrounding the eye or center of a hurricane

3. Rainbands- a band of dense clouds that swirls around the wall of the hurricane

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• Tropical storms have a weaker wind speed than cyclones

• Hurricanes and tropical cyclones form over warm water

• The eye (calm center of the hurricane) can get up to 20-40 miles across in diameter

• Hurricanes can reach up to 1,000 miles in size

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• This is a picture of hurricane Fran in August 23, 1996 off the coast of Florida with a wind speed of 120 mph

• The dark center of the hurricane is the eye

• The swirling, dense clouds around the eye of the hurricane are the rainbands.

• Next to the eye of the hurricane is the eye wall, and it is formed over a warm body of water. The eye wall is what makes up most of the precipitation of a tropical cyclone

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