Tiger Talk


Welcome Back Tigers!

Good afternoon parents!

Our first day at WCHE is off to a wonderful start. We appreciate all of your support as we kicked off our first day of school. It was wonderful to see all of you and your excited students bright and early this morning. Your children enjoyed their first day activities, getting to know their teachers and making new friends. We anticipate another outstanding year of learning here at WCHE and we could not do it without you. We are looking forward to Day 2 tomorrow!

Arrival and Dismissal Reminders

We appreciate your support and patience as we worked diligently to get all of our students safely to their dismissal locations this afternoon. The first day always takes much longer than our normal dismissal routines since we are verifying every students' information for the first time. Don't worry- each day gets a little smoother as we move into the 2nd week of school and all students learn their routines. Some things you can do to help us include checking your child's dismissal tags that we attached to their backpacks for accuracy and reporting any changes in transportation prior to 1:45 pm. If you have not already picked up your car tag number (for car riders only), please pick these up at our front desk. As always, please contact your child's teacher, and our wonderful receptionist, Becky Wright, with any questions or concerns at 512-533-7500.

Please take a moment to read through our Arrival and Dismissal routines on our WCHE website as well for more information.

Here at WCHE student safety is our top priority. In order for almost 900 students to safely and efficiently arrive and dismiss from our campus each day, it is imperative all parents and community members remember some basics as we all get back into the swing of our new routines. Please be courteous to your fellow drivers. We are all making adjustments this week and things can get hectic. Give yourself plenty of time getting out the door in the morning and afternoon, remember to obey the speed limit and that school zones are also cell phone-free zones.

The streets surrounding our school are not a parking or drop off zone. Please utilize the parking lots if you plan to walk your child to the front or back door. The front car rider line is for 2nd-5th grade students and the rear drop off line is for our K-1 kiddos. Remember that starting tomorrow, all students will be escorted to class by staff- parents are welcome to give lots of hugs at the door and we'll take it from there! If you plan to visit our campus during school hours, you must check in at the front office and be prepared with your ID so that we can scan you through our Raptor system.

Let's all work together to keep our kids safe!

We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing all of our students back tomorrow!

School Dismissal Manager 411

Students go home in the afternoons by car, by school bus, by daycare bus, and some ride their bikes, some walk home alone, and some walk home with a parent or older sibling. Some Tigers stay with us and report to our Extended Care program. Important information that we will need to know includes:

  • How your child(ren) will go home the first day of school
  • How your child(ren) will go home the first week of school
  • And, how your child(ren) will usually go home most school days.

We record and track the dismissal method used by your family in School Dismissal Manager. A welcome letter was sent to you electronically from School Dismissal Manager to provide you with your initial log on credentials. For additional information about School Dismissal Manager, click here. And, click here for the link to update information in School Dismissal Manager.

Please check School Dismissal Manager today to confirm that your child(ren)'s dismissal schedule is correctly set. Please any make necessary corrections before 1:45 pm Thursday, August 16. Based on your input, information concerning the usual way home and transportation for the 1st day of school have been entered for you. Please verify that these entries are correct and that other dismissal instructions you want us to follow are noted in School Dismissal Manager. Thanks!

PTO Volunteer Sign-Up

You've been asking.....

.....and here it is! The PTO Volunteer Sign Up link is open!

There are so many ways to help our school, and there is more than just 1 page of ways to help in the Sign Up Genius.