Ahtziry's Digital Journal



Ishmael's father once said,"If you are alive there is hope for a better day and something good to happen. If there is nothing good left in the destiny of a person, he or she will die." This quote is very inspirational that inspires others to keep on living not even if something bad happens, there is always hope for something better and never give up on yourself even if it seems like the answer. The only one who knows when its the end of the road for you is God and destiny, you should always feel inspired to try to be better than the person you were before.

How Ishmael has escaped death

Ishmael is a very strong and inspirational human being after going what he has gone through I would say he's like a cat with more than 7 lives, and luck is very much on his side. His way of survival has been unbelievable in a great number of ways and his way of creating techniques to survive is just unimaginable. Though he always has in mind his family who he loves very much and unfortunately he lost in the process of running away from the rebels in Mattru Jong. Some would say its a gift to have photographic memory but for Ishmael it partly isn't after all, all of those horrible memories are graved on his mind and are unable to be erased like we do with our phones. But if it wasn't also for his incredible gift we wouldn't have known how serious the problem in Africa is, how terrible the situation is and how they use children to kill, fight and how they drug them to not make them feel any kind of pain but pleasure when killing another human being. Though Ishmael has escaped death he hasn't escaped one very important detail that it is to find freedom he has been running away every since he learned that the rebels were coming and he hasn't found peace and freedom inside of himself and has instead found and seen only death.