Jeffy's Journal

November 30th to December 5th


CRCSD applied and was granted another waiver. We will be remote this week, and possibly next week as well. Monday is an A day.

Time To Rise and Shine

I hope these days off brought you all both relaxation and rejuvenation, but it is time to get up and at 'em! There's a cup of coffee to help you get a good start.

We are at week 11! It's a good time to prioritize both time and focus!

Academic goals help your busy high schoolers focus on what matters the most...

  • Be specific and realistic: Teenagers are more likely to meet a goal like " I will get an A on my next geometry test" rather than "I will ace geometry this semester!" Instead of a general goal ("I will be more organized"), concentrate on updating her/his planner daily.
  • Make a plan: Your student should decide what to do to reach each goal, such as starting a study group or updating his/her planner at the end of each class.

Be present.

Be kind.

Compliment people.

Magnify their strengths, not their weaknesses



Big picture


The sign-up for Parent-Teacher Conferences is now live on the Jefferson Home Page. Please check your calendar and sign up for up to 3 meetings with your student's teachers. You will be receiving communication from your Family Engagement teacher in the next few weeks, to provide support if you are having difficulties.


Parents, if you are notified that your student has been marked absent, but your student says s/he was in class, please contact the teacher. The teacher can give you additional information, and if a correction is needed, will contact the attendance office to make a change.

BlendEd Academy News!

The BlendED Academy is excited to announce that it has received a $6,990 grant from the CRCS Foundation and Giacoletto Foundation as a part of the 2020 School Project Grant. This grant will be used to purchase a Glowforge 3D Laser Printer and associated materials and accessories. The printer will be used by students in the BlendED Academy for various school and community projects.

The BlendED Academy is a cohort of freshmen and sophomore students who, in addition to taking their three core classes, are exposed and immersed in community-focused projects and learning experiences that transcend a traditional classroom experience. For more information, please contact Charlie Goetzinger,

Counselor Corner


The following events are scheduled to assist Cedar Rapids Metro area families with completing the FAFSA form. These are virtual events. Participants will be guided through the completion of the FAFSA form virtually, with a presenter coaching them and answering questions as they work at home on their laptop or desktop computer (a tablet can be used if necessary.) Each participant will go into a virtual breakout room with an advisor to review the completed FAFSA before signing and submitting.

November 10 – 4:30 – 7:30 pm

November 19 – 4:30 – 7:30 pm

November 23 – 4:30 – 7:30 pm

December 7 – 4:30 – 7:30 pm

December 15 – 4:30 – 7:30 pm

To reserve your spot visit and scroll to find the Cedar Rapids events. Please book one spot per family. If you have multiple family members, you only need one spot.

Students - Yearbook Survey

The yearbook is spreading its wings and trying to gather information and photos in new ways. If you are a Jefferson student and have extra time during class or you're looking for a fun activity, you fill out this survey...


Have you purchased your 20-21 Statesman Yearbook yet? The purchasing process is a bit different this year. Instead of receiving a flyer in the mail, you need to log in to Parent Portal of Infinite Campus. When you are in fees, select optional payments and select Yearbook. Contact Deb Floyd at 319-558-2743 for help.

SAFETY for the 2020 School Year

When return to the building, there will be changes in order to maintain a safe environment.

  • Appropriate masks must be worn, and be worn appropriately, at all times
  • Gators must be folded over, or be 2 ply of thickness
  • IDs will be worn on a lanyard.
  • Students will need their charged devices every day, every period
  • Social distancing will be expected whenever possible, including lunch
  • Students will be asked to move quickly from one classroom to the next without gathering in common spaces
  • Hand sanitizing stations are located in all parts of the building and students will need to use these as they enter and exit the classroom

This is all done so that we can keep students and staff safe and healthy. The better we are at these, the easier it will be to stay at school.

Attendance Now Has Email

All attendance related information can be sent to

Important Numbers If You Are In Need of Assistance

Need Assistance? We are here to help...

Jefferson Main Office: (319) 558-2435

Mr. Mike Hawley, Principal

Ms. Lorie Bateman, Associate Principal

Mr. Chris Deam, Athletic Director

Mr. Chad Szabo, Associate Principal

Mr. Mike Panoch, Facilitator

Counseling And Special Programs

Kim Abram, Counselor Freshmen

Jason Edwards, Counselor 10-12 Students with Last Names A-HA

Jamie Cummins, Counselor 10-12 Students with Last Names Hb-Pa

Judy McIntosh, Counselor 10-12 Students with Last Names Pb-Z

Kevin Darrow, PACT

Rebecca Egli, Transition Specialist

Office Staff:

Ms. Lois Bassett, Main Office

Ms. Lori Gunn, Main Office

Ms. Nancy Coffman, Attendance Office (319) 558-2341

Ms. Nicole McCue, Attendance Office (319) 558-2341

Ms. Susan Rumelhart, Nurse (319) 558-3473

Ms. Kathy Carpenter, Health Secretary (319) 558-2221

Ms. Jackie Simoens, Athletics (319) 558-2148

Ms. Debra Floyd, Bookkeeping (319) 558-2743

Student Services: (319) 558-2441

Brenda Morillo, Counseling Secretary

Nancy Priebe, Special Ed. Compliance Secretary

Russ Bush, Technology

Ellen Pelzer, Media (319) 558-2108