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Is One Direction's Liam showing emotional strain by shaving his head after splitting up with his girlfriend, Danielle? He's almost unrecognisable from the mop haired boy who auditioned for the 'X Factor' now that he's shaved off all his hair.

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1) What makes you beautiful2) One Thing3) Up All Night4) More Than This5) Gotta Be you6) I Want7) Tell Me A Lie8) I Wish9) Everything About You10) Stole My Heart

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Save You Tonight    Taken     I Should Have Kissed You     Na Na Na     Same Mistakes    Moments    Stand Up    There are also many more. They are all amazing!!!!!
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Niall Horan

It has been rumoured that Niall actually has a small child. Apparently, she is a four year old girl with blonde hair like his. The Mother apparently is an 18 year old who was abused by her father when she was a child. According to her, they grew up together.