Big Walnut Elementary

Parent Update 1.08.16


  • Important Dates
  • This Week- General Update/Comments
  • #OneWord Challenge
  • Student Leaders for December

Important dates:

January 8: Report Cards Available Online--AIMS data sheets go home.

January 18: No School-Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 28: Math Night (6:00 pm)

This Week...

Welcome Back Families!

This week the kiddos were buzzing around, recharged and ready to learn. Amazing things were happening all over the building! In 2nd grade and Kindergarten, they paired up to "buddy read". In 1st, they did a design challenge to create a chair for "Baby Bear"...after Goldilocks broke his chair; 3rd grade and Technology collaborated to create a PowerPoint for their math mini lessons; 4th discussed historic interactions dealing with cooperation and conflict. Overall- great week! Glad to be back!

Our teachers met for data meetings this week. We had a chance to look at every kiddo in this building and CELEBRATE all of their successes! Your amazing children have made tremendous strides in only 5 months! We are dedicated to keeping the momentum going!

Personalizing our education allows each child to reach his or her maximum potential. Yes, I know that is our mission and vision at BW, but we do live by those words!

Here's to a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!


#OneWord Challenge

If you could whittle down your 2016 mission to ONE WORD....what would it be?

My mission? #CONNECTIONS

This includes making connections and building relationships with staff members, students, and the community.

What is yours?

Learn more and be inspired below:

Keating's Crew for December

Congratulations to the following students! These students were chosen as leaders of the month for December!

Grady Gillum, Makai Gelveson, Brady Schneider, Justin Lemaster, Nick Ronk, Hayden Dickson, Abigail Keck, Claire Siewert, Allison Smith, Giana Vitale, Eli Hadden, Denza Allen, Michael Lynn, Zoey Sanfillipo, Celia Car

Keating Crew celebration will be on Wednesday at 8:50 in the Eagle’s nest.