The New England Colonies

By Mason Cottle

Massachusetts/Plymouth Rock

Founded in 1620 as a proprietary charter by the pilgrims. Later turned into Massachusetts. It is a strictly Puritan colony. Farming was common in the economy, but it was tough work. The original population was 506, which grew to 8932 in ten years.

New Hampshire

Founded by Mason in 1623 with a royal/corporate charter. The established religion was puritan and the main economic focus was ship building. The original population was 500 and in ten years it more than doubled. The two Indian tribes in New Hampshire were Abenaki and Pennacook.

Rhode Island

Founded in 1636 by Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson as a corporate charter. It had no established religion and the economic focus was mixed between agriculture, forestry, and fishing. The main tribe of Indians was the Narragansett tribe. The original population was about 300, which grew to 785 in ten years.


Founded in 1636 on a corporate charter by Thomas Hooker. It had a puritan religious establishment. The economy was mixed and the population went from 1472 to 4139 in ten years. It had the first declaration of the colonies. The main Indian tribe was the Mohegan tribe which covered most of Connecticut.