Fifth Grade NEWS 2015-2016

January 2016

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Upcoming Events

January 2016

1.14 Early Release 12:15 pm

1.15 Campus Battle of the Books 8:30 am

1.15 Early Release 12:15 pm

1.18 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day-Student/Staff Holiday

1.21 Report Cards go home

1.21 Chick Fil A night 5-8 pm Roanoke

1.22 Trail Blazer Awards at 8:00 am

1.28 UIL Competition

Important information regarding tardies:

All students are required to be in their seats ready to begin the day when the bell rings at 7:45am. Any student that arrives more than 5 minutes after the bell rings is required to be signed by an adult at the front office. This helps us keep track of student's arrival times and helps parent's stay aware of their child's attendance. In addition to being a safety concern we want to make sure that all of our children are in compliance with NISD attendance policies.

Please remember to send in any notes for children's absences or tardies within 3 days of the event.

Holiday Party

Information about the upcoming party will be coming soon...

Learning Goals...

Language Arts and Social Studies

Language Arts

Students will understand, make inferences and draw conclusions about the structure and elements of drama and poetry and provide evidence from text to support their understanding.

Students will also write literary texts to express their ideas and feelings. They will write poems using poetic techniques such as alliteration and onomatopoeia; figurative language such as similes and metaphors; and graphic elements such as capital letters and line length.

Social Studies

We will be looking at the social changes that occurred in the United States during the 19th century. Students will be able to identify reasons people moved west as well as identify significant events and concepts associated with territorial expansion. This includes the Louisiana Purchase, the expedition of Lewis and Clark, and Manifest Destiny.

Math and Science


In math we are focused on addition and subtraction with fractions. We are also reviewing metric and customary conversions of length. Towards the end of the month, we will multiply decimal fractions and whole numbers and then transition into multiplying a decimal fractions times a decimal fraction.


In Science we will look at the sky as we start our space unit. We will be comparing the sun, earth and moon looking at their physical characteristics; we will also be looking how they are alike and how they are different. We will also be exploring what makes day/night (rotation) and a year (revolution).

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Students will practice these words throughout the week in class and will have a test on using these words in context on Friday. Please review these words at home.

Unit 11 Quiz on Jan. 14

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Unit 12 Quiz on Jan. 29

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Northeast and Southeast Map Region Quiz

Here are the states and capitals that we are focusing on now.

Please practice these at home.

You can practice identifying the states on-line at:

Augusta, Maine (ME)

Boston, Massachusetts

Albany, New York

Dover, Delaware

Concord, New Hampshire

Hartford, Connecticut

Providence, Rhode Island

Annapolis, Maryland

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Montpelier, Vermont

Trenton, New Jersey

Little Rock, Arkansas (AR)

Baton Rouge, Louisiana (LA)

Jackson, Mississippi (MS)

Nashville, Tennessee (TN)

Frankfort, Kentucky (KY)

Charleston, West Virginia (WV)

Richmond, Virginia (VA)

Raleigh, North Carolina (NC)

Columbia, South Carolina (SC)

Atlanta, Georgia (GA)

Montgomery, Alabama (AL)

Tallahassee, Florida (FL)

HAC--Home Access Center

Don't forget that you can monitor your child's grades on line through the NISD Home Access Center. It is the same information you used to register your child at the beginning of the year. If you need help, please do not hesitate to email your child's teacher.


Students are required to complete 120 minutes a week on our Stride program. We are asking that students have 60 minutes of Math and 60 minutes of Reading. Using Stride will take the place of weekly homework pages in math and reading. Students will have access to Stride in the morning before 7:45 and during class time to help those that do not have internet access at home.

Tutoring Available

If your child was invited to attend tutoring, please make sure that they are there on time and ready to learn. Thank you for your support.

Math teachers will be available on Tuesday Mornings from 7:15-7:45 am.

Language Arts teachers will be available on Thursday Mornings from 7:15-7:45 am.

Box Tops

Clara Love will be collecting Box Tops again this year. Students can bring in a baggie containing their Box Tops and turn them into their teacher. Please be sure their name, teacher's name, and grade level is on the baggie. Students do not have to write their name on each Box Top. Mrs. Brown will draw names at the end of each six weeks for ice cream passes. At the end of the six weeks, the class with the most Box Tops in K-2 and 3-5 will win extra recess.

Electronic Devices

At this time, there is no educational need for our students to bring in any electronic devices. We ask that if your child has a personal cell phone that they have them turned off during school hours. Students will be reminded to turn off their devices if they have them on. However, continued use after reminders could result in the cell phone or device being taken up by a teacher. You will be notified in advance if devices are allowed.


Remind is a free, safe, and simple messaging tool that helps teachers share important updates and reminders with students & parents. Subscribe by text, email or using the Remind app. All personal information is kept private. Teachers will never see your phone number, nor will you see theirs. Visit to learn more.

To join Remind, simply Text to 81010 the correct unique class code. (ex. @abbotta)




There is also one for our school--@claralove

Ride Changes/Absences

If you need to change the way that your child gets home, please email Mrs. Jaggars before 2:00 pm.

All emails must include child's name, homeroom teacher and date/dates the change is to be effective.

Also, if your child will be absent or was absent, please send in a note stating the reason why. You can send it directly to Mrs. Jaggars if you like.

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