why we should have no locker checks

By: Carson Nemeth

they don't need to look through are stuff because it is our own private stuff.

  • Schools do not have the right to search student lockers! The 4th amendment of the US says you have the right to privacy!
  • if they ever try don't let them. or just say about the 4th.
  • they never have the right to look unless they think you are suspicious!

we have the right to not let anybody look through our stuff. Because it is our's!

  • They should not be able to search because they do not have the right!
  • if they ever try you can just say the 4th amendment!
  • you would say i ple the 4th amendment.

I think the stuff we have is our's and know body should ever be able to look through our stuff.

  • The right to privacy is guaranteed by the Constitution!
  • they are never allowed to look through are stuff!
  • and remember if they try to just talk about and use the 4th amendment!

True Fact

99% of the time when schools do locker checks they end up switching back!
Applied Tech Video (Locker Searches)