Peek at the Week

January 4th-8th 4th Grade Mrs. Lanz

Base Camp is this week!

It's clear to see how excited students are for this week's trip. It is my hope that you have already received all the information you need to prepare for our journey. If you have not already, I encourage you to gather all materials as soon as possible. In doing so, please don't hesitate to contact me if questions or concerns arise.

A few things to consider:

  • All students must return the waiver sent home Monday to participate in activities
  • When packing, remember students will be responsible for carrying all their gear
  • ONLY chaperones are allowed to bring an air mattress
  • If students require medications, an additional form must be filled out. Please contact me if you are in need of this form.
  • The pizzas we will have for dinner on Thursday will be delivered by Toppers on Grand
  • Students will be eating lunch at Birchview on their day of departure and the day of return from the trip, so plan accordingly
  • The movies we will view are Despicable Me and Despicable Me II, both are rated PG
  • iPods and other portable music players are NOT allowed on the trip. Students are responsible for ALL items they bring with them.

We are all looking forward to engaging in team building, rock climbing, robotics and archery on this special trip. It's sure to be a learning experience that students will never forget!

What's Coming Up

I hope everyone had a wonderful Winter Break! It was great to see students back from break rested and ready for a wonderful new year. Here are some things we'll be working on over the next few weeks:

  • Using multiple methods to better understand multi-digit multiplication
  • Exploring the geography, history, and culture of the Northeast region
  • Reading a variety of mythology texts as we explore their themes and modern allusions
  • Introducing our new writing unit: Persuasive Writing
  • Developing problem solving skills during STEM Day

And of course, we are all looking forward to growing our leadership skills and working as a team on our overnight trip to Base Camp!

Northeast Region

It is a fourth grade standard that students learn all 50 states, capitals, and abbreviations. We achieve this through a regional focus and currently are learning the states of the Northeast region. Though students receive time at school to practice during the school day, reinforcement at home is beneficial.

One resource we use to practice in school is Quizlet. Here, students can learn and practice the location, capital, and abbreviation of each state. Students can choose other methods of practice if preferred, but I wanted to make sure families were aware of this site. Please feel free to use the quizlet link to help review.

STAR of the Week

We are excited to learn more about Michael this week!


Sam- 10th
McKeana- 20th
Mason -27th

Calling All Scientists and Engineers!

Birchview will once again be hosting a school wide S.T.E.M day on January 14th and we are looking for volunteers to present to our classes at 9:45 and 10:30 a.m. If you work in a field that involves Science, Technology, Engineering or Math we would love to have you.
If you are interested in presenting or would like more information to see if what you do would work for a presentation, please contact

Danielle Miller, Vision 21 teacher

(763) 745-5351

Thank you, this was an amazing experience for our students last year and many of them have stopped me in the hallway asking when our STEM day is this year.

Our Schedule

Day 1: Music/P.E.
Day 2: Art Library 12:40-1:10(this has just changed from Day 3 to Day 2)
Day 3: Music/P.E.
Day 4: Technology
Day 5: Spanish

Spelling Words

There are no spelling words this week

Homework Sites

Xtra Math

Students should work on their fact skills at their own pace daily.

Spelling City

Our spelling words will be posted here weekly and students can use this as a place to practice their words.


Math skills are organized by standard and will be assigned in class and occasionally for homework.


I will add flashcards as we use them in class for Social Studies and other classes

Bedtime Math

Daily math activities are provided for a variety of ages. The site also includes parent blogs, games and other ideas for extending math at home. This is not homework, but an option for families and students at home.