Ms. Lowe's Newsletter

January 17th

Exchange City

Our field trip is next Friday, January 24.

Please pack a sack lunch for your child.

S/he does not need a drink.

Upcoming Events

Jan. 23—Discovery Middle School counselors will visit LO fifth graders

Jan. 24—Exchange City & PTA Family Fun Night


(Admission: $2/person; max of $10/family)

Activities: candy bar walk, inflatables, photo booth, games, and root beer floats

Feb. 11 & 13—Student-Led Conferences

Performance Series

The students took Performance Series this week. In the areas of English, Math and Science.


The class used number lines this week to better estimate fraction products. They discovered multiplying a fraction by a fraction will result in a smaller product, multiplying a fraction by one will equal the fraction, and that multiplying a fraction by a number greater than one will result in a product greater than the fraction. They also increased their automaticity in rewriting a mixed number as an improper fraction.


In grammar so far this quarter, we’ve studied plural nouns, collective nouns, and verbs.

On Monday, students took their 3rd Quarter pretest. It focuses on main idea/details as well as context clues.

We’ve also discussed the first two of 7 Habits of Happy Kids, which is based on Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People—Be Proactive and Begin with the End in Mind.


Students modeled Earth’s orbit (on its axis) around the Sun using modeling clay and straws. While completing the activity, they explained why the 23.5° tilt causes seasons. The class worked in teams to create a short presentation about each planet.

Next Week's Calendar

Monday, Jan. 20—No School:

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Tuesday, Jan. 21—(Day 2: LMC)

Wednesday, Jan. 22—(Day 3: Music)

Thursday, Jan. 23—(Day 4: PE)

Friday, Jan. 24—(Day 1: Art)