Chiracahua Apache chief


Cochise was a tall man, six feet tall.He had broad shoulders and a commanding appearance.He never met a man his equal a lance , and , like crazy horse, was never photographed. They both were buried in secret locations and their homeland.His people remained at peace with white settlers until 1861, when a raiding party drove off a white rancher's cattle and abducted a child. An Army officer ordered Cochise and five other chiefs to appear for questioning. Denying their guilt, the Indians were seized and arrested. One was killed on the spot, but Cochise escaped and pursued revenge."When i was young i walked all over this country, east and west, and saw no other people than the Apaches. After many summers i walked again and found another race of people had come to take it."(Welker, Glenn.)

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1815:Born in present-day Arizona.

1832:Cochise is recorded in a fight with Mexicans on the Gila River.

1859: Cochise was found by an Indian agent to be friendly to Americans,he had been hoping that they would help fight against mexico.

BY: Emily Rodriguez