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Caring for Oak Living Room Furniture

The living room is an important space in the house as this is the common gathering space for families and guests. A lot of social interaction is performed at the living room. It can be a small or large space which should be comfortably set up for the ease and comfort of all who spend time there.


With the basis of understanding the function of a living room, it is crucial to select the right types of furniture for this space. Many consumers would place sofa sets with centerpiece and side tables in the living room. There could be a comfortable armchair or two to relax in near the fireplace.
Many homeowners prefer oak living room furniture to furnish this space as oak is renowned as a solid wood with great durability property. It has been proven that oak furniture is a worthwhile investment that enhances the aesthetics of the home with proper care to last a lifetime.

Consumers prefer oak furniture for the living room as there is a variety of designs and styles. They come fully assembled unless selected items require careful transportation during delivery.


There are different qualities of oak selected to manufacture furniture. Oak wood is preferred by many consumers for its myriad of attractive properties that include strength, structure and durability. Oak can be sensitive to light and moisture.

Oak trees grow very large with interesting patterns such as knots which are not faults but the character of the tree through a natural growth process. Oak furniture is usually hand crafted for an exquisite unique piece by reputable and leading furniture manufacturers who desire to offer consumers the best of quality oak furniture especially for the living room. Hence, each piece is unique with character distinction from the variety of oak quality.

Oak wood is a natural product which is susceptible to weather effects. Hence, expansion and contraction of oak is possible creating tiny splits. It could be a constant changing of atmospheric conditions in the house. However, such splits can easily be filled using colored wood filler or wax sticks from leading hardware stores.

Crack and splits on oak furniture in the living room can be avoided by placing the furniture away from direct sunlight or near a heater or radiator where extremes of temperature are felt. Moisture impacts oak adversely; hence, spillages should be wiped off immediately.

Moisture should never be left on oak living room furniture; avoid chemicals or abrasive cleaning products on oak furniture which can damage the lacquered finish easily.

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