Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar was born on July 12 100 bc.

He was born in Rome, Italy.

He died on March 15, 44 bc, when he was 56 years old.


Caesar went to Egypt with the plan to take over, but he stumbled upon Cleopatra and he kind of liked her, he had a baby with her and never took over Egypt. He had 3 wives but Cleopatra was never one of them. When he came back to Rome he took over and was eventually assassinated by the Roman senate because they were not happy and they thought that they were helping the people of Rome.


Caesar was a significant person in history because he wanted to run Rome. The Roman senate didn't want one person to run Rome so Caesar was part of a 3 man team called a triumvirate. He did not like it that much and said that he was going to be dictator for life and became dictator. He lowered mortgage rates, gave away land, and built new settlements for the veterans when they returned from war.

How He Died

Caesar died on March 15, 44 bc. A fortune teller told him to beware of the ides of March, which is March 15. On the ides of March he went to a meeting with the Roman senate and when he walked in, his friends in the senate stabbed him 23 times all over his body and just let him sit there and bleed to death. The plan was to let all 60 people on the senate stab him but the 23 stab wounds he suffered were enough. They thought they were doing the people of Rome a favor but in all reality, it angered him greatly.
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Interesting Information

When Caesar was born he was cut out of his mother in a birthing process know today as the Caesarean Section (C-section). It does seem that they would name the process after his mother but they gave Caesar all the glory and that is one way he made it through life. He left the world the same way that he came into it, with a knife.

How Stab Wounds Are Treated Today

Today the first thing a doctor would do to treat a stab wound would be to rinse the wound with a sterile solution. They would then give some anesthesia to help see how bad the wound is, depending on how bad, they might have to do surgery to remove anything that might be stuck inside the wound. They will then close the wound with sutures, skin adhesive, or staples, and then keep an eye of heart rate and blood pressure. Depending on how much blood was lost a blood transfusion could be necessary.