Welcome to School Year 2020-2021

" Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior!"

Principal's Message

Dear Warrior Families,

Welcome to our 2020- 2021 school year. As we begin our journey through distance learning, we are continuously in communication with our District in regards to the plans for our academic school year. We wish to have our Warriors in classrooms ready to learn but as you know, we must follow the instructions for the well-being of everyone.We ask you to please go over the information with your student regarding this year's school expectations. You may also click on the Superintendent's Friday Letter for more information.

Please make sure you update and include all accurate contact information in order for our YVHS teachers and staff to contact you and your student for any school activities, academics and much more as you fill out the necessary forms.

We hope to begin our school year soon and welcome to the TRIBE!


Mr. Efa Huckaby

Walk Through 2020-2021 Dates and Process

  • Wednesday, August 5th - Last names A- L 3 pm - 6 pm
  • Thursday, August 6th - Last Names M - Z 9 am -12 pm

School offices will be open for live phone calls and email communications on Monday, August 3rd. School is now scheduled to will begin on Monday, August 17th. More information to come soon.

Walk through registration will be online this year. We are also planning to to have computer access in order for families to come in and fill out their forms on site. We will be including all walk through information on a separate Friday Warrior Newsletter with detailed information on how to set an appointment for walk through. Please remember to wear a mask when you plan to attend during this event.

Walk Through Process

  1. Complete MDUSD’s Data Verification process via your parent HomeLink account--available beginning 8/3/2020. Click here for instructions. You use a parent Homelink account to complete the data verification, not a student account. The district needs current emails, updated emergency contacts with current phone numbers, and current medical information for your child. Accurate data is vital for your child's safety. If you have any questions related to online registration, please contact the main office at (925) 685-8414.

  2. Click here to read the Handbook confirmation form. Click YVHS Student Handbook Acknowledgment to complete your confirmation after you have reviewed the YVHS Student Handbook. English Spanish

  3. Click here to complete your AP/IB contracts, which is required for each AP/IB class.
  4. If you have an incoming 9th grade student, you will need to verify residency with Ygnacio Valley High School. You may visit our school office between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Monday, August 3 and Tuesday, August 4 to complete this process. All 9th grade families are required to provide three forms of documentation to verify residency for the school. Click here for further information on 9th grade residency verification.

  5. Save time… Donate to PTSA here, YVHS Music Boosters here, YVHS Music Boosters here.

  6. Prepay for some student lunches online to help expedite lunch lines during the first week of school. Visit MDUSD’s food services here for more information or click here for application form information.

  7. Need to borrow a Chromebook for school use? Fill out the Chromebook Request Form 2020-2021. If you already have borrowed a chromebook, you must fill out this form in order to continue to use the assigned chromebook.

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YVHS Walk Through 2020

Station 1

School forms must be completed online prior to registration!

  • Confirmation of Data Verification--completed in advance via Homelink. Parents must register their students through Homelink prior to Walk Through using a parent Homelink account (not their student’s account).

  • Confirm you have completed your YVHS Handbook Acknowledgment at home online, or complete it at one of the laptops at this station.

  • FAMILIES NEEDING ACCESS TO ONLINE REGISTRATION, will be directed to a different station then will be redirected to Station 1.

Station 2

9th Grade Verification

  • Confirmation of residency verification for incoming 9th graders. (Complete MDUSD’s Data Verification process via your parent HomeLink account--available beginning 8/3/2020. Click here for instructions. You use a parent Homelink account to complete the data verification, not a student account).

Station 3:

TREASURER -Donations & School Purchases
Skip this station by making your donations and purchases here!

Form here (we can add form)

Purchase: Yearbook, Senior Packet, PE Uniform (TO BE DETERMINED)

Payment Options

  • Pay by credit card online at our portal. There are NO FEES for payments on the WebStore. Please note that donations are nonrefundable.

  • Pay by check or credit card at Walk Through Registration. Checks should be made payable to “Ygnacio Valley High School.” Please write the student's name on the memo line.

  • Any and all fines from previous years must be paid prior to receiving class schedule.

Station 4

Class Schedule

Pick up Class Schedule in Conference Room (next to the Treasurer’s Office)

  • Show your photo ID to receive your schedule. (This may be a school ID from past years, passport, driver’s license, etc. Logging into your Aeries/Homelink photo profile on your phone and showing your photo profile is also permissible.)

  • If there is an error or a concern with your schedule, please visit with School Admin Team/ Google form?

Station 5

Textbook Check Out

Check Out Textbooks

  • Proceed to the library

  • If you need help finding some of your textbooks, show your class schedule to a volunteer who will assist you.

  • With your student ID barcode, proceed to the library checkout area and check out your books.

  • Please exit the library through the door opposite the checkout area.


YVHS Parent Committees

Don’t forget to become a member or support out YVHS

PTSA here, YVHS Music Boosters here, YVHS Music Boosters here.

Congratulations you’re done!


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I cannot complete my address verification for my 9th grade student?

You will not, under any circumstances, be allowed to complete Walk Through Registration if you cannot verify your address. By district mandate there are no exceptions to this policy. We recommend speaking to your assigned VP PRIOR TO Walk Through if you do not believe you can show proof of residency.

May I obtain my student's schedule before Walk Through Registration?

No. Schedules are printed just prior to Walk Through Day and are not available in advance.

How long will Walk Through Registration take?

The answer to this question depends on how much preparation you are able to accomplish in advance of Walk Through day. If you are able to complete all online paperwork prior to Walk Through, the process may take as little as 30 minutes to one hour. Otherwise please allow for a two hour experience.

My student's schedule is wrong or is missing a class. What should I do?

After Textbook Pickup, there will be directions where you can fill out a change request form. ( Do we create a form?)

When is the first day of school?

Thursday, August 17th.

How can parents sign up for school communications?

Create a Remind acct

What is the benefit of purchasing an ASB sticker for my student?

Receive student discounts throughout the year with your ASB sticker. Discounts to dances and other school events, FREE admittance to YVHS home league games and home league playoff games (not NCS playoffs). Your sticker purchase also helps to provide for the FUN activities, rallies and school decorations the leadership students plan for ALL students throughout the year.

How does my student obtain a parking permit?

Student Parking Permits are purchased through the Treasurer's Office. After purchase, students should bring a completed, signed application to the school treasurer to receive a parking permit but because we will be in distance learning, this is not required at this time.


  1. One photo ID of student, in order to release a schedule (a school ID from past years, passport, driver’s license, etc. Showing the student’s Aeries/homelink photo profile on his/her phone is also permissible.) TIP: Take a picture of your photo ID on your phone to bring to Walk Through.

  2. Checks and/or credit cards for payments at Walk Through. (OR save time by paying ahead online.)


Please have your student arrive only during his or her designated time. If you have children in multiple grades, each child will need to come at his or her designated grade time to help make Walk Through Registration as efficient and successful as possible.


Click on the button to access Homelink.

YVHS Chromebook Request for 2020- 2021

If your student needs to borrow a chromebook or HAS borrowed a chromebook this last school year, please make sure to fill the request form.

The Mt. Diablo Unified School District prohibits discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying based on actual or perceived ancestry, age, color, disability, gender, gender identity, gender expression, nationality, race or ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, actual or potential parental, family, marital status, or association with a person or a group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. Questions, concerns or complaints regarding compliance with Title IX student issues, please contact the Title IX Compliance Officer, Michael A. Jimenez, Assistant Superintendent High School, at 1936 Carlotta Drive, Concord, CA 94519, by phone (925) 682-8000, or email at jimenezma@mdusd.org. Questions, concerns or complaints regarding compliance with Title IX employee issues, please contact the Executive Director of Personnel, Lisa Murphy Oates, at 1936 Carlotta Drive, Concord, CA 94519, by phone (925) 682-8000. Questions, concerns or complaints regarding harassment, discrimination, intimidation and bullying, please contact the Equity Compliance Officer, Jennifer Sachs, Executive Director of Instructional Support, at 1936 Carlotta Drive, Concord, CA 94519, by phone (925) 682-8000, or email at sachsj@mdusd.org.