First Grade News

December 2nd-6th


Art/Computer Lab and Media Check Out

We will have our spelling pre-test on the TWO word chunks ick and ack. We will write about what we did on the LONG weekend. We will practice finding the missing parts of 10. We will organize information on our iPads AND TAKE THEM HOME TODAY! Watch a math video at home tonight and do a math activity for HOMEWORK on your iPad!


Phy Ed/Music

We will practice putting our spelling words in ABC order. We will have Daily 5 centers. We will write about a picture. We will review our math homework and practice making tables in math. We will take our iPads home. We will practice making 10 at home using the "Make Ten Plus" app. No math video tonight!


Phy Ed/Spanish

We will play spelling sparkle to practice spelling. We will have Daily 5 centers. We will write more about a picture. We will have a math chapter check up on addition. We will take our iPads home and watch a math video about the math strategy of counting on.


Phy Ed/Music

We will have our spelling test. We will have Daily 5 Centers. We will share our writing and play guess my picture. We will share what we learned about counting on in our homework. We will practice counting on in math. We will make a counting chain.

Parent Notes

Welcome back to school! It seems like we have been away for a long time. The iPads are ready to come home on Tuesday! Please read the important attachment to my email about the procedures for care, charging, and return of the iPad each day. It is a big responsibility. Please help your child. There are informational directions in your child's folder regarding logging in to your home wifi and logging in to the internet. The student filter will be in place while your child is using their iPad on the internet at home. Their username and password is on the back of the directions.

There will be a math video to watch on the first day and a math activity to go with it. Please make sure your child has a quiet place to view the lesson and time to do the activity when their is one. Any activities should be returned in your child's folder when they are due. There will be times when the activity is done and saved on the iPad. We are working on this process at school. We are waiting to purchase a couple of apps before this process is complete. SOON! There is not ALWAYS a video each night, so review the news each day. I will indicate what is due each night on the newsletter AND in your child's Google Classroom assignment. (Your child knows about Google Classroom) I will also TELL your child when a video is to be watched at home. We have been using video lessons at school, so your child is familiar with these. Please let me know if you have further questions!

Dates to remember: We will be having our Annual First Grade Craft Day on Friday, December 12th, from 9:00-11:00 AM. Lots of volunteers are needed for the event. Sign up below if you would like to volunteer. We have LOTS of fun making crafts!


Spelling Week 11 -ack -ick (Yes two word chunks!)

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