by- Tanner Hart


Disney Hollywood studios is one of the smallest section in the theme park. This restaurant is a layout of the movie "I love Lucy" and "leave it to beaver". This section has two restaurants that are considered the "best", they are called 50's prime time café and Sci-Fi dine in. The 50's prime time café has one of the best reviews, "It will take you back in time" and "It transports you to a whole different world. There are also rules at these restaurants like no elbows on the table and you have to eat all your vegetables. The atmosphere in the restaurant is very cool and it's like you stepped into a 1950's home.


The food is amazing but it's more for children. It's not your fine fancy restaurant. The employees will yell at your if your elbows on the table. There really strict they will yell at you but I think they know it's just a joke. They make you finish all of your food or else your will get a "special desert".
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