Carissa's Folk Literature Bulletin

The Mouse's Furless Tail and More!

Types of Folk Literature

Fables- brief stories with animal characters that have a stated moral at the end

Folk Tales- a story with real or magical characters that reflects the culture where created

Epics- long narrative poems important to a nation that tell of a larger than life hero

Myths- tales that relate the actions of gods, godesses and heroes

Tall Tales- focus on a central hero who performs impossible feats

Legends- stories based on real-life events and become larger than life as they are told and retold (fact changes to fiction)

Read The Mouse's Furless Tail!

The Mouse's Furless Tail is a fun story with an applicable moral. Read it!

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The Mouse's Furless Tail

This is a story about why the mouse has no fur on its tail. The particular mouse we will speak of is Rah-Sha, the chief mouse's son.

Now, Rah-Sha was very mischievous. He played tricks on anyone and everyone. The mouse clan, in this time, had luscious, silky, soft tails, which they were very proud of.

We go back to Rah-Sha, who is, like usual, up to mischief. He was teasing a street cat, ducking in and out of cover, for the cat was hungry and wanted to eat him.

"Stupid cat; you can not catch me! Look at you! Your scrawny, skinny, and your fur is oh-so thin! Your tail looks like a stick! So bare and fur-less! Look at MY tail. It is so luscious! So soft and thick!" Rah-Sha jeered.

"At least I am not rude," the cat quipped.

Rah-Sha froze, stunned at this cat's audacity. The cat pounced on him and bit his tail, but it went in between his teeth, so all the cat got was hair.

Rah-Sha scampered away, embarrassed of his raw tail, and told all of his descendants to be humble.

The moral of this story is to not be self-righteous or brag.

The Prodigal Son

This teaches people, "No matter the offense ,one has to forgive. So we should pray for a loving heart ." -Unknown
Parables of Jesus: The Prodigal Son

The Golden Touch

Don't be greedy and be careful what you wish for!

Confucianism and Taoism

1.) Confucianism was introduced at the same time as Taoism, the Zhou Dynasty.
2.) They are both very popular religions in the Middle East.
3.) Confucianism is rightly named: Confucius created it!