Jaguar Jargon

2016-2017, 5th Edition

Take Aways

Last Friday, we held our first Data Day. It was a day full of information - lots of it at once - that we are working to process through. Some take-aways:

  • Data is just that - data. It is a measure of where our students are at in regards to certain skills. The AIMS scores and Benchmark Assessments are for us to use to know where we are starting so later we can measure where we have been. it isn't a "gotcha" piece, it isn't to point fingers or place blame.
  • We have some work to do. Our goal for our "triangles" should be 80-15-5. Rome wasn't built in a day; neither will our success. And that's okay. However, we have to acknowledge where we are at to know what work lies ahead.
  • We still have uncertainties about teaching guided reading in small groups - what strategies to use, how to group students, and how to assess.
  • Reading will most likely look a bit different in every classroom.

These statements lead me to our next issue:

Focus Graphic: Problem Solvers

Big image
So, we've identified some problems and challenges. Many of you have some that you have identified on your own. First step = check. Now that we know and acknowledge that there are some difficulties in our process, it time to move to finding solutions. One of the best resources we have is each other. We are all educated, smart professionals with a built-in network of people we can rely on to help us solve our problems.

Please visit this shared document:

In the doc, identify at least one problem you have encountered, and a solution that has worked for you or what you have done so far to begin to solve the issue. This can be in either the areas of Daily 5 or Guided Reading. The idea of this document is that maybe a colleague has encountered this same issue; your response might be just what they need to help tackle the problem.

Kudos & FYI

  • Congratulations to Kristen Mahr on expecting her third child in January!
  • Kudos to many staff members who have been flexible and helped cover other positions - it is MUCH appreciated!
  • Kudos to Mrs. Spangler for going above and beyond in making sure a child was safe when they left school.

Remind 101

  • Homecoming is next week - please see Renee about shirts and Nicole about the float. Last year we won 1st prize - let's "Go For the Gold" again!
  • No midterms will be sent home; however, please be sure that parents are being contacted with any concerns you have about students.
  • After Hours begins on Monday. Please refer to my earlier email for details.

Coming Up

Motivational Monday, September 19th
  • Star Spangled Banner presented by Mrs. Pompeo's class
  • Project Success (parent group), 6 p.m. Please join our meeting to connect with parents

Teamwork Tuesday, September 20th

  • Nothing happening; but, if you read this, send me an email for an extra day of wearing jeans.

Wellness Wednesday, September 21st

  • Collaboration: K/1 + Rodeffer, 2/3 + Kramer, 4/5 + Jones. Discuss the start of guided reading groups, questions you have about intervention
  • Board of Education Meeting, 6:15 p.m., high school library

Thinking Thursday, September 22nd

  • School Pictures. All staff members MUST have their picture taken. Please make your way down to the OT/PT Room before school. We will call classrooms as they are ready for your group.
  • All Staff meeting, 3:20 p.m., Library

High-Five Friday, September 23rd

  • One-hour early out for Homecoming (2:10 p.m. dismissal)
  • Homecoming Parade, 4:00 p.m.

Parting Shot

Teamwork - Minions - Despicable Me