Bartholomew Dias

A Portuguese Explorer

Bartholomew Dias: Biography

He was born in 1450 in Algarve, Portugal. He was sent by King John II to explore the coast of Africa he departed August 1487. He explored from 1487 to 1500.

Purpose of Exploration

Bartholomew Dias explored to find the sea route to Asia. King John II of Portugal was the time of exploration. The Portages were at war with Spain. Because Portugal spent a lot of money on troops, the sent explorers to India and other parts of Asia to trade and get lots of money. Another reason to head an expedition was to sail around the southern tip of Africa in the hop of finding a trade route to India.
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The voyages

He had three main expeditions. The first one he led himself. The main thing he had to do was find a sea route to Asia. He did not succeed but making it only to the southern most tip to Africa. His journey did help though, because in 1497 Vasco da Gama was sent to find a sea route to Asia. Because of his trip they were able to get half was there. Now all he had to do if figure out the other half of the sea route. This expedition did succeed and they traveled back to Portugal with what they found. Bartholomew Dias went on his last voyage in 1500 accompanying Pedro Álvares Cabral. In his journey the discovered Brazil. After finding Brazil they went south toward southern Africa. When they came to the cape of Good Hope a terrible storm cam in destroying all the ship and men.

Outcome of the voyages

Because of Bartholomew`s first journey it let other explorers know half of the sea route to Asia. With his second he accompanied Vasco da Gama, he helped because he knew the half-way point to Asia. With this the result of making it to Asia, the Portuguese could earn money. They used the money for the wars with Spain

Trip to Africa

Saturday, Sep. 10th 1487 at 7am

Cape of Good Hope, Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town