Digital Citizenship

Important Things to Keep in Mind When You're Online

What is Digital Citizenship in my own words?

Digital Citizenship is the responsibility that you will get along and not wish to do harm to other users online. Such as not cyber bullying or spreading viruses.

Internet Safety - Be Suspicious of any unknown accounts that add you.

If you're randomly added by an account of someone you know. Be very suspicious of anything they tell you. Don't trust the links they show you because for all you know they could just be viruses ready to invade your computer.

Internet Safety - Regularly Scan with anti-virus

Even the most diligent internet safety addict can still pick up a virus now and then. There's just no stopping everything. So at least scan every few weeks or after you visit a suspicious webpage.

Digital Footprint and Reputation

Your Digital Footprints will always leave a trace no matter what. Even if you do find a way to delete an account or message there will still be a trace left behind.

Digital Footprint and Reputation

Your reputation is defined by your actions in an online environment. If you join a chat room or something and start insulting everyone and causing a problem you will have a bad reputation. However, if you get along you will be known to have a good reputation.

Positive Digital Presence

Positive Digital Presence is beyond important because your presence can be accessed at any time by any one. An employer, coach, or family member. It'd be smart to make sure it's positive.