Welcome to Tegucigalpa


Honduras was inhabited by Native America tribes. In 1502 Christopher Columbus first sighted Honduras and then claimed the land for Spain. In 1821 Honduras was an independent country. For a short time it was part of Mexico empire and then part of the united province of Central America before again becoming its own independent nation.

Airfare for four

Airfare for four to Tegucigalpa costs about $2660 on Delta.
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Honduras Capital

The capital of Honduras is Tegucigalpa.the star in the picture above is a map of where the location of Tegucigalpa is in Honduras.

Hotel Villa Marina B&B

The total cost for a hotel that has double rooms and double beds is $733.04 that would be total for seven nights. Each night is $88.00 it is also a four star hotel with wifi, parking,and internet.