Create a Canvas of Online Multimedia Sticky Notes

Getting Started

To access this web 2.0 tool go to to create an account. You can test out the tool without an account but you will not be able to save your board. Once you have created your account, an email will be sent for account verification. Be sure to follow the instructions in that email.

Lino has a free version and a premium version. The free version has ads and limitations on uploads and downloads.

Once you have logged into your account, click on create board. You will then be given options to decide how you want your board settings.

Tool Bar

The tool bar is located along the top right side of the page. If you do not see it at first, there is a very small drop down arrow in the lower right part of the box. From this tool area you can select sticky notes by color, insert pictures, link to videos and attach downloadable materials. With the free version, the downloadable material can only be downloaded 10 times.


An address is assigned to your board up in the address bar. You can copy/paste this in a place like Edmodo, Google Docs, on the board, etc. Don't forget that you can run the address through a shortener like shortener or tiny url.

Students can then access the board on a computer with no login required. On the ipad, students will have to create an account through the app. They will use their gaggle email address to sign up. Users then must log out by clicking on the gear icon and choosing logout.

Closing Thoughts

Within this app, users are not able to move, edit, or delete anyone's post. Only the owner of the board is able to do this. Users may have to refresh their browser page if working on a computer. The ipad refreshes on its own - takes about 5 seconds.

If students are posting from an ipad, have them create their account - and login before typing the address of the board in the safari browser. Once they have arrived at the address you have given them, they will have a huge button to click on that says, "Open in app." Once in the app, students will click on the edit button in the upper right corner to add a sticky. Edits can be make by tapping on your sticky.