No Teacher Left Behind Act

Ensuring Teaching Success

Consistent Learning Opportunites

Scholarship programs, new and more rigorous standards, assessment and accountability are ways teachers keep up-to-date with new techniques and learning strategies (Mason, 2005). The teachers should be able to attend on-going training's throughout the year to keep up with the standards and to keep up with the changes.

The Uniform National Standards

The standards will outline what teachers need to know, understand, be able to do, and will emphasize both excellence and equity, and will evolve to meet the needs of students, other teachers, and society (Mason, 2005). Teachers should have basic computer/technology operations and concepts training. Without the basic concepts they will not be able to use other forms of technology.

Best Practices

Teachers should all use the Common Core State Standards to effectively teach students what they should know and be able to do. The Common Core State Standards is like a map for teachers and will guide their instruction.

Preparing Teachers for ISTE Standards

To prepare education professionals to create the schools of tomorrow,' the secondary education faculty began a 2-year re-conceptualization of the secondary teacher preparation program in 1993 (Willis & Raines, 2001). Technology certification for educators needs to be a part of formal education policy there needs to be a system of technology training and certification (SREB, 2014).

Consistent Standards for Teachers

There should be consistent standards for teachers to meet. This would make the requirements for each state the same for educators and enable teachers to teach in any state in the United States. If the standards are different from state to state, it does not allow for Uniform National Standards.


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