BSI 6th Grade March 23-27

Virtual Learning Opportunities

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Step 1:

Please click on the correct link below. This is a short 6 question survey.

A Message from your principal, Mrs. Sanchez

Dear BSI Students & Parents,

This Smore was created as a resource to maintain and extend student learning while school is not in session. Paper packets will also be available to students without internet access. Work shared online will be monitored by teachers and paper assignments will be need to be submitted every Friday during the announced times. Student progress will be determined based on work completed weekly. If students have questions, they should be in contact with their teachers via email.

Students, please remember that at BSI, "We Inspire. I Inspire. Inspire someone Today." What I need from you is to continue to inspire us and do your very best on these online or packet lessons.

Be safe and we hope to see you very soon!

Math Lessons- MacLeod, Desormeaux, Cox

New 3/24- If you are having trouble finding assignments or logging in please watch this video.

Click on the link below to watch Mrs. Desormeaux review the KCC strategy.

For all of our assignments, students will log in to CLEVER and go to Mathletics.

For extra practice at any time we have also assigned REVIEW 1 and REVIEW 2.

Assignments for week 3/23-3/27 Mathletics: Number and Operations 1:

Find the Number and Operations tab, click it and find the following assignments:

Monday, 3/23

Multiplying Fractions

Dividing Fractions Divide Fraction by Fraction

Divide Fraction by Fraction

Tuesday, 3/24

Divide Fraction by Fraction

Multiply Two Fractions

Estimate Products

Wednesday, 3/25

Operations with Fractions

Divide Decimal by decimal

Thursday, 3/26

Divide Decimals

Divide Decimal by Whole Number

Friday, 3/27

Money Problems


Math Teacher Emails/Remind 101 Link

Reading Lessons- Long, King, Harris

NEW: (3/23)

If you are having trouble logging in to HMH please watch this new video.

CORRECTION (made 3/19)

Login with:




Students will log into HMH as based on the video instructions done by Ms. Long.

Students will go to the work that has been assigned to them, and click on the unit opener for surviving the unthinkable.

From this point students will need to respond to the video on

Then the students will do the vocabulary on hmh for this section.

Finally, students will need to go over the notice and note section in HMH. All will be assigned to their name in their class period.


Students will log into HMH and begin reading the story “from A Long Walk to Water”.

They will NOT type in any of the boxes on this day, it is ONLY to read.

They can either read the story on their own or choose the read to me section.

There is an option for the book to be read to them.


Students will read the “from A walk to Water” again, but this time they will use the note and notice strategies from Monday to fill in the boxes and questions as they go.

Anotate and evaluate

They can go back to that section from Monday and review it if they need to.


Check for Understanding section for “from a Long walk to Water”


HMH “from a long walk to water” quiz and word section.

· Students should log onto the blog each day to do their bell work

· We are able to see where each student is on the HMH website, so please stay on top of your work!

Reading Teacher Emails

Long, Kala <>;

King, Leslie <>;

Harris, Lisa <>

Science- Garcia, Dodds, Nelson

For the following assignments you can either turn it into your Science teacher upon your return or take a picture of it and email it to your teacher. You will view each video and write down 5 or more facts on a piece of notebook paper.

Monday-Sea Floor Spreading with Bill Nye

Tuesday: Bill Nye Greatest Discoveries Plate Tectonics

Wednesday: View & listen to following video rap: Create your own rap to help you remember the Plate Boundaries. Be prepared to share your rap upon your return.

Thursday: Hands on lab

Friday: Create an illustration depicting the 4 plate boundaries using the image at the bottom of this page. Color & label accordingly. Just label if you do not have access to colors.

Big picture

Science Teacher Emails

Garcia, Isabel B. <>;

Dodds, Cynthia <>;

Nelson, Rhonda <>

Social Studies- Moreno, Paddie, Riddle

*You will do the following assignments on notebook paper, take a picture of your work and email it to your SS teacher or use Remind. Make sure to include your name.

Monday March 23, 2020: WWII Vocabulary

Directions: Locate the document titled WWII Vocabulary. Define the vocabulary using google dictionary or a physical dictionary. Try your BEST! WHAT DO YOU KNOW True or False Questions Directions: Locate the document titled “What Do You Know TF 1-10’ Answer true or false on notebook paper.

Tuesday March 24, 2020: Atomic Bomb

Directions: Click the links below. Watch both of the videos and take notes. Then on a separate sheet of paper, summarize both videos and include key details and answer-- how it made you feel about them testing it on American soldiers and killing over 100,000 people.

Atomic Bomb dropped on Nagasaki

What Does a Nuclear Bomb Explosion Feel Like?

Wednesday March 25, 2020: Treaty of Versailles

Directions: Watch the following videos and take notes on a sheet of paper. Answer the questions on a sheet of paper, questions are located on the document titled Treaty of Versailles.
Treaty of Versailles Part 1 of 2
Treaty of Versailles Part 2 of 2

Thursday March 26, 2020 :Complete September 11th Interactive Timeline Activity

Directions: Choose September 11 Attack Timeline to complete Worksheet then answer the questions on the worksheet 1-20

Friday March 27, 2020: Quiz Week One Assessment Play to Review and test your knowledge.

Directions: Click the link below and sign in on your clever account.

We Inspire, I Inspire, Inspire Someone Today!