Welcome to FMS Instructional Rounds

April 14, 2016

Instructional Rounds Debrief from Florence Middle School

We had 18 participants attend the FMS Instructional Rounds. A total of 20 different classrooms were visited, and they worked hard to compile Patterns, Contrasts, Predictions, and Questions that would help grow Florence Middle School in our quest for engaging students in meaningful conversations.
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What was our problem of practice?

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What were their overall findings?

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What did we learn from the experience?

Following the rounds, we met as a whole faculty to discuss the results of the rounds. The teachers used the 3-2-1 protocol in a gallery walk of the data to explore the findings. In the coming weeks, we will be meeting in small groups to dig deeper into the data, and discuss our action plan for 2016-2017. This was a great experience for us, and hopefully for the attendees as well! Thank you to Cathy Gassenheimer and the Alabama Best Practice Center for including us in this learning opportunity.
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Examples of Meaningful Conversations

Florence Middle School

Principal: Aimee Rainey
Assistant Principal: Ashley Bowling
Instructional Partner: Jill Edwards