April in the Library

Thanks for using the library this month!


April 2016

Student and Class Usage

The following classes used the library this month:

  • English: 188 classes served
  • Social Studies: 83 classes served
  • Foreign Language: 3 classes served
  • AVID: 1 class served

With an average of 30 students per class period, the library saw 8,250 students for class. With an additional 1,895 students visiting the library with passes and 523 students before/after school, the library saw 10,668 students during April.

Circulation Stats

9th grade: 165 items checked out

10th grade: 135 items checked out

11th grade: 35 items checked out

12th grade: 128 items checked out

Checkouts in OverDrive: 22 items

Past Promotions in April

Facility Usage

The library also provided facility usage for

  • NHS Meeting (4/5)
  • ESPN Athlete of the Week presentation (4/6)
  • Cafe College Scholarship Workshops (4/4,11,18,25)
  • Scholarship Signing Ceremonies (4/13,19,26,29)
  • Test Training (4/26)
  • Google Training (4/26)
  • Kendra Scott Trunk Show ALE Fundraiser (4/27)
  • Formative Assessment Training (4/28)
  • Mac Teach (Tuesday and Thursday evenings)
  • Meetings in the library conference room

Upcoming May Promotions