Travel to the Maze!

by Nisha Iyer

The Maze Runner

By James Dashner
An Action Novel...
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"The early-morning light had a sharp sheen about it, making everything look bright and crisp- the ivy, the cracked walls, the stone blocks of the ground. Though the sun had a few hours before hitting the noon spot up above, there was plenty of light to see by. Thomas kept up with Minho as best as he could, having to sprint every once in a while to catch back up."

If you truly want a challenge, come and solve the MAZE!

If you enjoy solving puzzles and pushing your limits, then you should try to solve the maze. This isn't your typical restaurant kids menu maze. This maze is colossal, and the perfect accomplishment to build your resume! Knowing that you solved the toughest challenge known to anyone, your confidence will be sky-high and you will be happy that you solved it. In my slogan, I say that if you truly want a challenge, come and solve the maze. This is a very difficult challenge and you should only try to solve it, if you are absolutely up for the challenge. In early morning in the maze as a maze runner, the walls are covered in ivory, with cracked stone blocks. The early morning was sunny and tiring for the new maze runner, Thomas, to keep up with more experienced maze runner, Minho. You should try to solve the maze as quick as possible. Also, the maze is in no way responsible for any deaths by fatigue and by grievers (big slimy lizards crossed with machines). Even with the bloodthirsty grievers and the tiredness that you may get from the maze, have fun and stay alive!