LaLa Land becomes LaLa State !!

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LaLa Land History

LaLa Land was founded in 1965 by Victoria Lucas. The population was 500,000 people which allows them to have one Representative. George Wallace is the governor for the LaLa. LaLa Land set west of Hawaii before it became a part of the united states. At the time the united states president was Lyndon B. Johnson. The state has 61 colleges. They have over 50 sports team starting with little league and ending throughout college. LaLa has a river called Olokele which passes through Hawaii. We export facial products. We also inport delicious cakes. Our largest citie is pink town. LaLa State ''pink town'' includes 51counties.

State Song Lyrics: Time of our life

Ooh I want the time of my life
Oh baby
Ooh give me the time of my life
Let's get it now