Noelle Hoehn


  • Wisteria is both the common name and the scientific name.

  • Wisteria is found in trees of Eastern United States and to China, Korea, and Japan

  • It is a twisting vine (25-30 ft) of purple flowers that look similar to a bunch of grapes

  • Wisteria creeps up trees and other bushes and keeps sunlight from getting to the other plants

  • Not many animals eat the vine (not even deer)

  • Wisteria is an invasive species; introduced from a foreign place and negatively affects other plants

  • It came from Asia; started small and then grew out of control; this plant restrict other plants from making their own food and absorbing CO2

  • Wisteria will continue to make its way up trees and communities

    • Limiting: weed killer development

  • People have been trying to use weed killer but it kills trees under the vines

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