The Direhorse

Adrian Bookout

The Discovery

The year is 3082, and we had just landed our ship onto Pandora. It was a 6 year voyage through space. We arrived here in hopes of a new world, life on earth was almost impossible. Our home planet was over populated and many lived in poor conditions, many had become homeless and were barely surviving with low food supply. When our expedition ended we set up camp, but the passengers stayed with our ship in fear of what was out in the forest. This is until young James Cameron went exploring off base through the forest of Pandora. Cameron recalls taking samples and pictures of Helicoradian plants when he heard something in the shrubs behind him. When Cameron turned around, he found himself looking at an elephant size creature towering over him.


These creatures are found to be harmless, once Cameron realized this he spent much of his time examining and learning more about them. He decided to name this organism "Direhorse" this is because they share common physical features with a horse found on our home plant, Earth. They both have very long necks and small heads. Unlike the average horse, the direhorse stands at four meters tall and about 4.3 meters long. This is roughly the size of an elephant. Cameron also wrote in his journal describing this creature.

"The direhorse are as big as elephants, they have tough grey skin with blue stripes. The direhorse has two antennae that are long and thin that come out on either side of their skull. These horses have 6 lines of operculi, these run down the neck and increase the air intake with each breath. They are hexapodal, with the six legs that move in unison with each other. If you look closely at these horses you can see that they actually have four eyes instead of just two. The smaller two eyes look as though they are reptilian. These creatures eat the sap from direhorse pitcher plant, this plant is long with sap at the very bottom. For most animals this sap is almost impossible to get but for the direhorse that has a long giraffe like tongue it is simple."