plane safty

By Caitlin

since mh17 plane has crashed down now people are super worried about flying but does that mean air travel is not safe ? you will be safe on planes but that dosent mean you are 100% guranteed a perfect flight
Even though some people are scared to fly airtravel is one of the safest ways to travel. You would have more chance to get hit by lightnig or fall of a ladder than get hurt on a plane. Its a 1 in a million chance of dying on a plane but that dosent mean that they will never crash.Air travel is save you can almost always be guaranteed a safe flight but in the rare occasions somethings can go wrong

Ukraine is the crash site of mh17 and now that its crashed lots of people are scared to fly.

Though they are scared to travel by air its a 99.9% chance of any more planes crashing recently. so what went wrong if air travel is so safe how come mh17 crashed. mh17 was flying over a war zone which most planes aren't allowed to fly over.Most planes go the safest route but this plane went thrugh a zone where war was so theres a chance it could get shot but its only about a 1% chance

planes do their best to keep you safe they put people hours of security and wont let you abord your flight if you make jokes about explosives.This is one reason why planes are so safe you dont go through hours of security to get on a train or bus or get in your car.Air travel doesn't crash much but when it does its big news to every on.So countries get together to investagate the site

In conclusion people should be exited for the long times they waited to abored their flight

not scared of flying.