Transitional Phrases and Words

Writing Activity

I can...

1. learn new transitional phrases and words

2. learn about St. Patrick's Day

3. write an essay using transitional words and phrases about St. Patrick's Day


1. you will use sticky notes or notebook paper to take notes on transition words and phrases

2. you will use sticky notes or notebook paper to take notes on facts about St. Patrick's Day

2. you will use a variety of transitional phrases and words in your writing and write an essay about St. Patrick's Day

Examples of transition words and phrases.

Look at these transition words with a partner. Which ones do you think you might want to try to put in your essays? Share your answers with your partner.
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Transitional Words and Phrases Video

Take notes on transitional words and phrases during the video. You can use a sticky note or notebook paper to write down at least 3 transitional words from the video.
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Lets Learn About St. Patrick's Day

Write down three facts from the video and book that you learned about what St. Patrick's Day is. You can write your notes on paper or sticky notes.

Writing Assignment

Write an essay about St. Patrick's Day. Use transition words and phrases in your writing. Use text evidence to state facts about St. Patrick's Day and then give your opinions. Your essay will have an introduction, body, and ending (3 paragraphs).Look at the bold words in the essay, they are transition words.

St. Patrick's Day Essay Example

Use this essay to help you write your own essay.


What is St. Patrick's Day? If you are baffled by this holiday, you have come to the right place. I cannot wait to tell you what I have learned about St. Patrick's Day. Go put on a green shirt and keep your eyes glued to my essay.


Moving right along, St. Patrick's Day is celebrated on March 17th. Saint Patrick was a saint of Ireland who died on March 17th. A terrible thing happened to Saint Patrick at the age of 16, he was kidnapped and sold as a slave by Irish raiders. He later became a Christian missionary and a patron saint of Ireland. He changed his name from Maewyn Succat to Saint Patrick. St. Patrick is given credit for helping the Irish people find Christianity. Today, we honor him on St. Patrick's Day. In addition, people also celebrate their Irish heritage on St. Patrick's Day. People all over the world wear green and celebrate by having parades and other festivities. One of the most fascinating facts is that in Chicago, they dye the rivers green on St. Patrick's Day! As you can see, St. Patrick's Day is more than just wearing green.


To wrap things up, St. Patrick's Day is a fun holiday to honor and celebrate the Irish culture. You do not have to be Irish to celebrate. It was very interesting reading and learning about St. Patrick's Day. Go get your green on and celebrate St. Patrick's Day this coming March 17th! I hope you have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!
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