Mars Habitability

Written By: Amber Slaght

The requirements to live on mars.

- A solar system with a single massive Sun than can serve as an energy source
- A terrestrial planet (non-gaseous)
- The planet must be the right distance from the sun in order to preserve liquid water
- The solar system must be placed at the right place in the galaxy
- A moon of sufficient mass to stabilize the tilt of the planet’s rotation
- An oxygen-rich atmosphere
- A sweeper planet to deflect comets, etc.
- Planetary neighbors must have non-eccentric orbits
- Water/nutrients
- Atmosphere
- Energy (from the sun)
- Gravity - to hold it together

Mars is our best chance for making another planet habitable.

It is possible to live on mars, but it will be difficult. We will have to wear suits because of the radiation and pressure, we have to find a water supply, and find a way to heat up the planet.
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