Dumbo Octopus


Dumbo Octopus Taxonomy

Domain: Eukarya

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Mollusca

Class: Cephalopoda

Family: Opisthoteuthidae

Order: Octopoda

Genus: Grimpoteuthis

And 18 known species


Dumbo Octopuses live a that bottom of the sea so actually being on the seafloor while others just hover over it. They can live any from 9800 ft below sea level to 13000 ft below sea level.

Food chain


There is no specific mating season for the dumbo octopus and they can have a lot of babies at one time. They only have one mate and after mating the male dies. The female watches over the eggs and once the eggs hatch she dies and the cycle begins again

Interesting Facts

The Octopus is named the Dumbo Octopus from the Disney movie Dumbo because of the ear like fins on their head. They are normally only around 8 inches but the largest one ever found was 6 feet. They also swallow their prey whole