Smore and Resources I Can Use

In My Future Classroom

Kids' Zone Learning with NCES

The Create a Graph page allows students and teachers the ability to create a wide variety of different graphs. This would be a great resource to use in any classroom.


QuizEgg is a website used for creating different tests and quizzes. You are able to upload them online for students to take. This way you do not have to deal with a bunch of extra paper.


Doodle is a website used for setting up the time for a meeting with others. I feel like this would be a good way to set up parent teacher conferences.


SlideBoom allows you to upload PowerPoint presentations online to be viewed by others. I feel like this would be a good way to share information with parents. It would also be good to publish the presentations that you do in class for students to go back and look at them.


PhotoSnack is an online tool to create picture slideshows. You are also able to add music to the slideshows that you create. After you create your slideshow you are able to upload it to different social media sites.


I loved exploring Smories. It is a website where you are able to publish stories that children have written. There is a video clip made of the children reading the story that they wrote. I feel like students would feel really special if their stories were on this site.

Student Publishing

Student Publishing is a resource to create books from your students original work. Students are able to write and illustrate their own book. After they are completed they are able to be published and the student will be able to have a hardcopy of what they created.


Kideos is a website that is safe for kids to watch online videos. Before the videos are placed on this website they are screened to make sure that they are fine for children to view.

Classroom Architect

Classroom Architect is an online tool for teachers to use to help them with the layout with their classroom.


Kidblog is a website where teachers can set up a blog for their class. Each student is provided with their own blog.

Videos for My Classroom

Don't be a bully
The Berenstain Bears Forget Their Manners
Sesame Street - Taking Turns
Bill Nye the Science Guy®: Water Cycle - Video
Reading Rainbow - The Magic School Bus - Inside The Earth

Podcasts for My Classroom

Stories for Kids

This podcast has 58 different free stories that are fun for kids.

Nick Jr.

There are over 100 free podcasts in this series!

The Story Home

This series has 15 free podcasts that are different children's fairytales.

The Many Adventures of Mr. Mailman

This series has 17 free podcasts. A mailman travels around the world to deliver mail to different individuals.

Global Wonders

This series of free podcasts allows students to explore different cultures around the world.