Leighton Burke Block 4

Chemical Properties

  1. Atomic number 29
  2. Atomic Mass 64g
  3. Melting Point 1083 Celsius

Physical Properties

  1. Good conductor of electricity
  2. Good conductor of heat
  3. reddish colored with a metallic luster

Other Facts

  1. Found in mines underground
  2. Used to conduct electricity and heat

Copper Wire For Sale

I have a have a large source of copper that is not being used and im looking to sell it. It has many uses for an every day company. It can be used for electricity, heating and even be used for building

its main use is for building and construction. it can be found in many common buildings and was used to build the statue of liberty. over 80 tons of copper sheets were used to construct the statue of liberty

Another use of copper is electrical conducting. it comes only second to silver in terms of use for eclectic wiring.

yet another use of copper is it is a good conductor of heat. this can be used in homes or businesses.