Ancient Roman FAQs

Atilius Anthony


Ancient writers used a variety of materials to record their words and writings. The would use pointed stylus to write on clay or wood, coated in wax witch they could re-use. Also they wrote on animal skins. they would kill an animal dry its skin and scrape off its fur, when it dried you could write on it with chalk. The most effective and new way of writing was using Papyrus with an quill dipped in ink.


Romans had big families and big names, names were passed on to children born in the family. many roman families had slaves. the slaves would live with the roman family and were mainly treated with respect. Also people got married a lot earlier then they do today women could be married as young as 12-17 years old. All children were born at home. sometimes women would us potions or use amulets to try and help the pregnancy i any way. If the father did pick up the child or did not want it, it was killed. If people could not raise a child financially they wouldn't.

Clothing - Men and Boys

Apparel for men and boys depended on age. If the male roman citizen was older then 16 he wore a toga. boys younger wore a tunic. with the toga was usually a pocket called a sinus. boys wore jewelry too, but only one item. Men preferred the pallium instead of togas. A boy would also wear a bulla or a locket, which contained an amulet—that is a charm which was worn to ward off evil spirits or miasmas. Girls did not wear them.

Clothing - Women and Girls

Girls and women would wear jewelry. Young girls wore a tunic like the younger boys. Women wore a tunic too but with a toga over it. When a woman was married she would wear a stola with that she got respect. women without it were looked down upon. Girls also wore something called a purple border around their neck to protect them from evil spirits. Women also had different hair styles seen in ancient pictures.