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February 15, 2016

For the Week of February 15 - February 19

Upcoming Dates

February 17 - Cadre Meeting

February 18 - Instructional Specialists' Meeting

February 22 - Data Day

February 26 - Teacher Leader Training (NOTE DATE CHANGE)

March 19 - Athletics for All (MARK YOUR CALENDARS!)

March 25 - Deadline for Formal Evaluations and 3 Informal Evaluations

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Focus for the Week - 1.3 Use student data to guide planning

With Performance Tasks coming up, how well are we using data to guide planning?

  • How well are we using data to inform our instructional strategies?
  • How well are we using data to plan for the needs of our subgroups?

News, Helpful Hints, and Reminders

From the Academic Team -

  • Directors and IS - PLEASE MAKE SURE TO READ SHANNON'S DETAILED EMAIL REGARDING CADRE DAY AND THE PERFORMANCE TASKS! Also, per Ryan's email, please be aware of your assignments that day. Any questions, just ask!

  • Per Marie's email last week, the Teacher Leader training will now include teachers in Grades 6-12. Stay tuned for more details, as not all of them may be needed on that day.

  • Elementary Directors - In order to prepare for upcoming trainings please fill out the attached spreadsheet listing ALL the teachers at each grade-level

  • LCAP Updates are happening soon. Please make sure you are aware of your LCAP expenditures! If you have any questions, please contact Mair or Ryan.

  • Stakeholder Surveys are also on the way soon! Stay tuned for more details!

  • Please remember to notify Kenny and Sarah about current or potential openings.

  • Another reason why true close reading is so important! (In Reading AND Math!) The changes to the new SAT require a LOT more reading!
From the Arts Team -
  • The Getty Villa is offering us free tickets for an upcoming theater lab for teachers and students. Take advantage of this opportunity! An intimate physical-theater duo imagines unspoken parts of the iconic Antigone story and examines the unique qualities of the sibling bond. An up-close and human exploration of the heroine and the brother she buries, this original work pulls from current events, the Wild West, ancient Greece, and our own childhood living rooms for a fresh and personal look at the legacy of Oedipus, offering insight into how the themes in this story live in our culture, both privately and publicly, today.

From our CAASPP friends at the state level -
  • For the 2015–16 test administration, California will administer the paper-pencil California Standards Test (CST) for Science, California Modified Assessment (CMA) for Science, and California Alternate Performance Assessment (CAPA) for Science in grades five, eight, and ten. California Education Code Section 60640 requires the CDE to administer these tests until a successor assessment is made available.

  • Don’t be taken by surprise! The Interim Assessment Viewing System, as well as the Smarter Balanced practice tests and training tests, will be unavailable during scheduled downtime this month: 9 p.m. Wednesday, February 24, through 9 p.m. Sunday, February 28. All other CAASPP online systems will be available, and there will be no interruption to the interim or summative assessment Test Delivery System.

  • CAASPP Brochures are available to parents! Share with your families!


Ø Kindergarten through grade two

Ø Grades three through five

Ø Grades six through eight

Ø Grades nine through twelve


Ø Kindergarten through grade two

Ø Grades three through five

Ø Grades six through eight

Ø Grades nine through twelve

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Celebrations and Worth Noticing!

  • IIMS is being filmed this week! As part of Girls Build LA, scholars at IIMS is being featured as they interact with Women in STEM education team members. Go IIMS Scholars!
  • Cheers to LDPMS for a range of activities celebrating Black History Month, including a Door Challenge to celebrate a prominent African-American figure!
  • Shout out to IIES and IIMS for having 39 players participating in Elementary and Middle School Rugby!
  • VPPES is #49 on Niche's Top HS in LA Metro area!
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