How To Fill Out The 1040ez form

By: Diana Serrano


The 1040ez is the simplest of all three tax forms to file out federal income taxes. It is provided to an employee by an employer.
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14 Steps

In the front of the from their are 14 steps to be followed plus one of them on the back.
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On the front page the first section that involves the W2 form given to the employee by the employer.

  • On Line 1, it ask to write down the number of your wages, salaries, and tips. This number will be found on the W2 form in box one under Wages, tips, other compensation.
  • On Line 2, it asks to write down the taxable interest number that is found on the 1099 INT form that was given by the bank.
  • On Line 3, it ask if you have an unemployment compensation.
  • In Line 4, it ask to add up all the numbers from 1, 2, and 3
  • Line 5, is done on the back of the form.
Line A: the number from line one and the number given have to be added up and placed on Line A

Line C: the largest number from line A and B has to be put on Line C

Line D: If you are single you write down $6,300, but if you are married you write down $12,600 on Line D.

Line E: write down the smallest number from line C or D

Line F: If single write down $0, if married and are dependents enter $0 also, but if you are married and one of you is claimed enter $4,000

Line G: Add the line E and F and that is the number that has to be written on the front page on Line 5

  • Line 6: Only if line 5 is bigger than line 4 write $0 on the line. If not then subtract Line 5 from Line 4.

The second section of the form involves the tax table. The tax taxable is a serious of various numbers that indicate your taxable income.

  • Line 7: Write down the federal income tax number that is found on the W2 form in box 2.
  • Line 8a: Write down your earned income credit .
  • Line b: Write down your combat pay
  • Line 9: Add Lines 7 and 8a and write it down on line 9
  • Line 10: Write your tax number that will be found on the tax table using the number on Line 6.
  • Line 11: Write down your health care number
  • Line 12: Add Lines 10 and 11 to get your total tax number
  • Line 13: Only if the number on line 9 is lager than the number on line 12 then subtract the two numbers to find your refund
  • Line 14: If line 12 was larger than line 9 then subtract line 9 from line 12 to see if you owe money or get a refund from the government.