My Family background

I Live with my dad, stepmother and two of my brothers in Goessel Ks. My fathers name is Kevin, my stepmothers name is Kim, My Older brothers name is Kevin, and My younger brothers name is Christian. My mother lives in Newton Ks with my sister Maeghan. My youngest brother Robert (RJ) lives in Virginia with his father, so i rarely get to see him. I also have an older sister Taylor she lives in Newton as well, but lives with her mother and does not come around to see me. My father works at the City of Newton, my step mother works at the County( in Newton) were my father previously worked, and my older brother Kevin works at the Sterk Dairy which is only a few miles from our house. I have a job at Bethesda Nursing Home in Goessel as a Dietary Aid, but am hoping to get my CNA this summer! My family is very protective, and always has each others back no matter what. I am totally a country girl, love to ride horses and go mudding, also play guitar and am hoping to start up a youth group band sometime soon! My dad also plays the guitar and sometimes my oldest brother tries to get me to teach him to play but is not very into it.

Class Schedule

1) Study Hall

2) Weights

3) Sophomore English

4) Nutrition and Wellness

5) World History


6) Computer Apps

7) Algebra

8) Biology

Academic Skills


1) One of my interest is hanging out with my friends, they are extremely important to me and I love having people there to support me.

2) I love playing the guitar, it gets me away from life for a while, and i can go into my own world and let loose.

3) I also love working, my job at Bethesda Nursing home is very important to me and I love getting to know what life was like when they were my age, it is very interesting.

Future Plans

After I graduate High School I would like to Go to college to study nursing, I would love to continue living in the country although hopefully not close to my parents. I do not like to look that far into my future although it is very interesting to think about. I would love to get married after I have got college out of the way and got settled into a job. I would also really enjoy have five kids, I know that it seems like a lot but I love big families, it makes me feel very at home because I have a big family myself.