Weekly Knight Notes

Week of 6-1-15

Last Week of School!

I can not believe this is the last week of school. This year flew by faster than any school year before (I think I say that every year...) but it was a great year. I feel we have many positive things put in place this year that will continue to make us a great school.

Many of these things put in place have nothing to do with our student's test scores. Most of them have to do with creating an environment and culture that our students can feel safe and maximize their potential.

We started this school year by wearing our neon green shirts and making a statement that we are all in for our students. We will wear those green shirts on Friday to show our students that we are still all in for them. Thanks for everything this school year!


We will be meeting in the library as a group to discuss activities and schedules for the last week of school.

Last Teacher Day

On Monday is the last teacher day and it is a full day. I will be sending out the end of year checklist for you to look at and have completed on the last work day.

I will be gone all of next week and won't be there on Monday. So we won't be having a whole staff meeting in the morning. I will have limited to no email access but I will have unlimited text if you have any questions. I will return to week on the following Monday (15th) and will be there until the end of June. If you need to meet with me for anything you can come during that time.

The morning is your time to work and get things ready for the summer. I will keep you posted on lunch plans. Following lunch it is your time to finish up anything else you need to complete before leaving.

The checklist must be signed by Bill in the office on that day before leaving. The second sheet for the checklist is a summer repair sheet. Fill this out for any items in your room that are in need of repair for Neal and his crew to look at. This will also need turned in along with your checklist.

End of Year Awards

Tuesday evening is the awards night and I hope everyone is able to make it that evening. It is a great night for our students and we have a lot of parent support that evening. We need a lot of volunteers to make that evening run smooth and our parents notice the staff that are able to attend.