Livermore Valley Charter School

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November 16 - 20, 2015

We will educate K - 8 students by fostering the development of each child’s analytical ability, social skills and creativity.

We wish you the most wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends!

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CONGRATULATIONS VICKI! We are all so happy for you! Enjoy every minute of your wedding!

This Week:

11/16 Dragon Zone Family Night 6:30PM The Vine

11/17 CCSA Visit to LVCS

11/17 Phonological Awareness in Blg 11 2PM

11/17 K-3 Assembly Clean Water 8:30 (K), 9:15 (1), 10 (2nd), and 10:45 (3rd) (Dining Hall - Snack & MS Lunch outside)

11/17 Unite 4 Life Presentation 1:35PM (6th - 8th)

11/17 PTO 6:00PM

11/17 Unite 4 Life Parent Meeting 6:00PM

11/18 3rd Grade Author Assembly 8:30-9:30AM (Dining)

11/18 1st Grade Colonial Days

11/19 Turkey Tango 8:30AM (Amphi)

11/20 Cookie Dough Magic Show (9:00AM (Amphi)

11/20 Teddy Bear Breakfast 8:30AM (Dining)

11/20 Student Birthday Celebration K 11:45AM, 1-8 2:30PM

11/20 Send photos to J Winter for yearbook

11/23 - 27 Thanksgiving Break

Welcome Baby Hudson Kotowski!

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Report Cards:

K – 5 Report Cards: Please send home your report cards on Friday 11/20 (the day before Thanksgiving Break). Please send home 2 copies (one for parents to keep and one copy should be signed and returned). *Make 3 copies (send home 2 copies and keep a copy for your files - just in case)

Conferences: Hurray! You are done with conferences. If a parent requests a meeting to discuss the report card, please schedule the meeting for after break.

Auto Responder: All staff should set their auto-responder on their email over the break. Please enjoy your Thanksgiving break and stay off your email. Directions:

MS: Plan for the Jump Rope parent portal to go live on 11/16. If you have students with 3 or more missing assignments, or are showing Beginning in any assessments, please make sure you have contacted the parents prior to Jump Rope going live.

Newsletters/Websites – Please make sure you are communicating with your families via website OR newsletter OR emails. Keeping parents in the loop on big projects, activities, themes etc. is important.

Food Drive

Girl Scout Junior Troop 30309 is working on their Bronze Award and want to “Help the Homeless not be hungry or cold by giving them food and clothing”. Please help support their goal by donating:

· - any sized gently used or new clothing and

· - canned/non-perishable food

We will be collecting items the week before Thanksgiving Break (November 16th-20th) and donating them to Tri-Valley Haven and Open Heart Kitchen.

The Girl Scouts will be collecting at the morning valet line from 7:45-8:10am every day of that week.

One Question Survey: Hassles....

Bingo Appreciation

It's time again for our Annual Bingo Anniversary Party and I'm again looking forstaff members to come help with serving at the buffet line. Each year CCEF holds an anniversary party in December to thank their loyal players. This year the event is onSunday, December 6th. We need 7 staff members to come help with serving at the buffet line from 1:45-4:00pm.

Please let Tara know if you are available and willing to show appreciation to our loyal players that bring in $4,000 per week for our school to fund yard supervisors, library, tech, specialists, etc by helping at the buffet line.

Homework Free Holidays!

No homework should be assigned Tuesday night or over the holiday break! No major projects should be due on Wednesday or the Monday we return from Thanksgiving break.


Heads Up: That means we have to start working on our self study in January!


HURRAY! LVCP will be moving over Holiday Break! Super exciting!

Parking: 110 new parking spots will be installed going up Constitution (in the dirt lot) over Holiday Break.

Field/Performing Arts: No current updates. We will keep you posted.

LVCS has two new school council members: Karen Hutchison and

Golden State Charter: The Mayor of Elk Grove and Charter Investor Reed Hastings (Netflix founder) reached out to TVLC several months ago asking for their help in opening a charter school. They have over 300 parents meaningfully interested, are interviewing for principals and staff, and are in the process of collecting signatures. The K- 8 school is expected to open Fall 2016. Director of Expansion, Lynn Lykso, has been doing an exceptional job overseeing the project.

Acacia Middle: New principal Theresa Johnson is rocking it out in Stockton. She has only been in place for a few weeks and is really doing a great job.

OTA: OTA is in the process of renewal at their district level.

Staff Salary Updates: We will be visiting collaboration times before Holiday Break to give staff an update and get feedback on the 2016-17 salary schedule.

Want to go visit other schools as part of a WASC team?

It's a great opportunity!

Interesetd staff, please complete a New Member profile.

Behavior Management Article: 3 Helpful Ways to Deal with a Class Clown

Are you signed up?

All classes will be implementing the Hour of Code at LVCS, December 7-13, 2015! Thanks to educators like you, the Hour of Code keeps changing the world. This year can be a turning point for computer science in our schools, with new tutorials, new prizes, and you. Together, we want to reach 100,000 classrooms worldwide! I hope you’ll join us to prove anybody can learn, and every young person deserves to learn how to build technology that will impact everything in their future. Sign up for the Hour of Code

Good News:

We have hired two exceptional SPED teachers to join our team beginning in January. Shelly & Amanda have had many years of experience working in SPED and we are lucky to have them join our team.

Feedback from the October Survey: Suggestions for Professional Learning

  • Paper Management (Paperless Management)
  • Google Apps for Education (apps for teachers classroom management & logistics as well as for curriculum)
  • Lesson Studies
  • I would plan how to put together an SVMI Math unit from beginning to end. First starting with selecting appropriate pre-assessments, FAL, post assessments. How to create an assessment that is balanced between MARS tasks and discrete math skills, and how to utilize the math frameworks to gather ideas for planning units.
  • I would like time to do more SVMI ( without the philosophy part...the why...we know why) and have time
  • to create number talks for each unit. This way we would have them to file with units. No have to create on the fly.
  • Have time to create the posters for talking language, etc.
  • I would probably take a stab and Units of Study, Lucy Calkins.
  • Project GLAD
  • I love the classes we teach each other.
  • Middle school could use time to look at how google docs and google classroom can be more effective for teachers. How to give feedback and not use up 2 hours for one assignment. How to attach a rubric. How to display students work. Dorothy has ideas!
  • More strategies from our co-workers on other see these in action. Stress (Time) management
  • Additional training and/or refreshing on Step Up to Writing. Ideas to teach grammar. Ideas on Close reading, mini classes on these topics.
  • Field trip to a winery!
  • Class Dojo, Go Noodle, Calendar Math, could probably help with training (not a master but getting the hang of it).
  • I would mind doing one on the reading workshop that we went to sometime in the spring. I would just like more time to get the material and implement it more before actually doing a staff development day
  • Learning tools for the classroom such as nearpod and kahoot.
  • An afternoon learning about how to respond to difficult parent emails/conversations - what to say, what not to say - learning to diffuse quickly
  • I would want to learn or plan a PD on guided reading and reading recovey strategies.
  • Building a standards based rubrics for writing assessments, math assessments, and integrated ELA/content assessments
  • Using step up to writing in Math and Science
  • Using manipulatives in formative Math assessments
  • ??? Cross curricular meetings....
  • A day with breakout sessions with usable, ready to implement activities and lessons and/or resources for such things. Less focus on theory and more focus on what I can use in my class tomorrow.
  • I think we all need a happy hour or a social event to see each other and catch up!
  • But if it needs to be in regards to professional development, I would love to have a GLAD training or a training based on Project Based Learning. I also really enjoyed the staff dev. days last year that were taught by colleagues, and we were able to choose which ones we wanted to attend.
  • Practical materials that can be taken back to the classroom the next day.
  • I would share the GLAD strategies ;)
  • In house staff development! We have so many great talents at LVCS and it always seems more doable she a colleague who is already implementing something new shows you how she is doing it.
  • Workshop! Writers or Readers, I love both.
  • ST Math and Lexia - how to use the data
  • Writing Learning Targets
  • Motivation techniques
  • Reading/Language Arts Centers for upper grades (not that I could lead this, that I would like someone with experience doing this to come in and give some ideas and strategies.)
  • An inservice on age appropriate sounds and how to tell if/when you should submit a screening form for articulation concerns/ RTI model for speech.
  • I would like teach the Reading Informational Text Strategy: Reciprocal Teaching. It is an effective strategy that can be used across all grade levels to help students comprehend informational text while using Academic Language and Academic Discourse.
  • I would love to hear other teachers' game ideas for reviewing coursework before a test (or for teaching, for that matter!). My students love many of the games we play and I am always looking for more ideas!
  • I would also like the opportunity to just talk and hang out with different people who I never have the opportunity to speak with around campus. I guess that's not true "development" but a social event... :)
  • How to utilize google docs to enhance your lessons.
  • Additional math training to include hands on activities, using manipulatives, etc. possibly Math Their Way for lower grades
  • Vertical Articulation
  • Jo Bouller first week of school activity.
  • I would plan a collaboration time between grade levels that feed one another in which they would have a structured discussion about skills the students are coming in well prepared with as well as those skills the higher level teacher feels should be sharpened.
  • I'd break open the check book and get Dylan William here to talk about formative assessment and feedback.
  • Time management seminar....Not that I know how to the best...But I could research it....
  • A day for Planning to create engaging and fun units/lessons/activities with my team. Time to create units would be very time effective for me. We could dive deeper into GLAD, SVMI, and the common core strategies.
  • A google classroom/doc/sheets/drive class.

Feedback from October Survey: Staff Stress Levels in October

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Emergency Procedures:


CLASSROOM EMERGENCY KITS: You should have a clip board with multiple copies of your roster for all of your classes and a pen/pencil. You should also have a large cylinder in your room that has emergency provisions, first aid and a bright colored vest. PLEASE MOVE THESE LARGE EMERGENCY KITS NEXT TO YOUR DOOR. In the case of an emergency, they need to be easily accessible.

Fire/Evacuation Drills: Please put multiple copies of your class roster and a pen in your emergency kit. In the event of a drill or emergency, please evacuate your class. PUT YOUR BRIGHT COLORED VEST ON WHILE EXITING (it is located inside your emergency kit) Students should evacuate silently LEAVING DOORS UNLOCKED and line up (see map).YOU DO NOT NEED TO CARRY YOUR LARGE EMERGENCY CYLINDER OUT DURING A DRILL! YOU DO NEED TO TAKE THE VEST OUT AND WEAR IT.

Teacher should then take attendance, Teacher will then hold up:

Fist: ALL HERE (if a child was marked absent that morning, and you have the other 19, you still hold up a fist)

1 Finger: A child is missing because they went to the restroom or speech etc.

2 Fingers: A child is missing and you do not know where they are.

Earthquake Drills: Lights off, blinds closed, doors closed, students under desk in kneeling position heads down. Hands over neck, face down. Teachers either under their desk or in doorway. Only evacuate if directed to by main office.


1. Keep students in classrooms pending further instructions.

2. Secure and lock all doors

3. Close all windows and close shades

4. Account for all students – call the office if you have children from other classrooms in your room.

5. Do not allow anyone to leave the secure room until ALL CLEAR message is received.

6. Students should take their seats and lessons can continue.

7. Passing periods and lunch should be disregarded until SHELTER IN PLACE has concluded.

If outside:

1. Move indoors

SHELTER IN PLACE DURING MORNING DROP OFF : The procedures will be the same as above AND WE WILL:



Save the Dates:


12/1 Council

12/3 Short Staff Meeting 3:00-4:15PM.

12/3 - 4 ELD Committee

12/7 - 13 Hour of Code Week

12/8-11 6th Grade Science Camp

12/10/2015 5th - 8th ELA Collaboration (8- 11) 5th - 8th Science Collaboration (12 - 3)

12/11/2015 5th - 8th Math Collaboration (8 - 11) SVMI (12 - 3)

12/11 Student Birthday Celebration K 11:45AM, 1-8 2:30PM

12/11 Perfect Attendance Awards 8:30AM

12/17 Dragon Assembly TK - 8 8:30AM

12/15 Winter Music Concert

12/18 Spirit Day - Santa Hat Day

Holiday Break


1/5 STEAM/PBL/Blended Committee 5 - 8 Teachers 1:30 - 2:30PM K - 4 Teachers 12:00 - 1:30

1/5 Council

1/4 GLL (3:15-4:15)

1/4 School Wide Write Committee (8:30-11:30) PBIS (12:30 - 2:30)

1/10 LVCS/LVCP Fun Run

1/9 Math Counts Regionals

Spirit Day -

1/15 Collaboration Grade 7 (8 - 11) Grade 8 (12 -2:45)

1/14 Collaboration Grade 5 (8-11:00) Grade 6 (12-2:45)

1/13 Collaboration Grade 2 (8:15 - 11:30) Grade 3 (11:30-2:55)

1/12 Collaboration Grade 1 (8:15 - 11:30) Grade 4 (11:30 - 2:55)

1/11 Collaboration Grade K (8:15 - 11:30) SVMI (12:30 - 2:30)

1/22 Early Release & Afternoon Compliance Training

1/25 Convocation

1/26 8th Graders NAEP Test

1/27 MS Leadership Assembly 2PM

1/28 Dragon Assembly 8:30 (TK,K, 1) 1:30 (2,3,4,5)

1/29 Student Birthday Celebration K 11:45AM, 1-8 2:30PM


2/1 Council

2/1/2015 STEAM/PBL/Blended Committee K- 4 Teachers 1:30 - 2:30PM 5 - 8 Teachers 12:00 - 1:30

Spirit Day -

2/4/2015 5th - 8th ELA Collaboration (12-3) 5th - 8th Science Collaboration (8-11)

2/5/2015 5th - 8th Math Collaboration (8 - 11) SVMI (1-2:30)

2/5 Crab Feed

2/11 School Wide Write Committee (Full day)

2/19 Dragon Assembly 8:30 (TK, K,1) 1:30 (2,3,4,5)

2/19 Student Birthday Celebration K 11:45AM, 1-8 2:30PM

2/24 MS Leadership Assembly 2PM

2/25-26 ELD Committee

2/26 Early Release & Afternoon PD


3/1 STEAM/PBL/Blended Committee 5 -8 Teachers 1:30 - 2:30PM K - 4 Teachers 12:00 - 1:30

3/1 Council

3/2 Magic of Math Assembly

3/4 School wide Write

3/5-6 School Wide Write Committee Scoring

3/9 - Livermore Choral Festival (LVCS & LVCP) @ Shrine Event Center(?) 6:30pm

3/15-16 ELD Committee

3/16-18 Spring Conferences

3/16 Dragon Assembly 8:30 (TK, K, 1,) 1:30 (2,3, 4,5)

3/17 Spirit Day - St. Patrick's Day

3/21 Collaboration Grade 8 (8 - 11) Grade 7 (12 -2:45)

3/24 Collaboration Grade 6 (8-11:00) Grade 5 (12-2:45)

3/22 Collaboration Grade 2 (8:15 - 11:30) Grade 3 (11:30-2:55)

3/23 Collaboration Grade 1 (8:15 - 11:30) Grade 4 (11:30 - 2:55)

3/25 Collaboration Grade K (8:15 - 11:30)

3/25 Perfect Attendance 8:30AM

3/25 Student Birthday Celebration K 11:45AM, 1-8 2:30PM

3/30 Full School Leadership Assembly 2PM

4/1 Film Festival


4/4-8 Spring Break

4/11 GLL

4/12 STEAM/PBL/Blended Committee 5 - 8 Teachers 1:30 - 2:30PM K - 4 Teachers 12:00 - 1:30

4/12 Council

4/12 Dragon Assembly 8:30AM (TK - 5)

Spirit Day -

4/14 PBIS (8:30 - 11:30)

4/14 School Wide Writing Committee Results/Reflection (11:30 - 2:30)

4/15 Student Birthday Celebration K 11:45AM, 1-8 2:30PM

4/18-22 Malakoff Diggins Trip

4/22 Early Release & Afternoon PD

4/30-5/3 Disneyland Music Trip

4/27 MS Leadership Assembly 2PM


5/3 Council

5/3 STEAM/PBL/Blended Committee 5 - 8 Teachers 1:30 - 2:30PM K - 4 Teachers 12:00 - 1:30

Spring Music Concert

5/13 Bocce tournament

Music concert for Elementary grades

5/13 Student Birthday Celebration K 11:45AM, 1-8 2:30PM

Spirit Day -

5/17-18 Spring Musical

5/20 School Perfomance of the musical 8:15 (K, 5th - 8th) 12:45 (1 - 4)

5/24 Spring Music Concert


5/25 Open House/Science Expo

5/25 Dragon Assembly 8:30AM (TK - 5)


6/2 Dragon Assembly 8;30AM (TK - 5)

6/2 Perfect Attendance ALL YEAR celebration

6/8 Volunteer Tea

6/10 June & July Student Birthday Celebration K 11:45AM, 1-8 2:30PM

6/14 – 8th Grade vs. Staff Dodge Ball Game

6/15 - Promotion 5pm

6/16 - Kinder Celebration 10AM

6/16 - Last Day of School – Early Release

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Christy, Claudia, Sara & Juliana - Talent Show

Sharon - MS Play

Jennifer W, John, Bryan, Michelle A - Jumprope Grading Committee

Mary - Helping Carrie P with DRA's.

Carrie, Diane, Serra - Rocking it out as long term subs!

Dan - Coordinating the Fall Sports Potluck.

Marci & Janae - Interviewing SPED candidates

Marci, Janae, Tessa, Steph P - Going to OTA and helping them prepare for their renewal oversite visit.

Dorothy - Reaching out to the city to help with a project for her class regarding the new BART initiative.

DZ - family Night

John - Presenting at the National Math Conference in Nashville later this week.