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The Birth of Mothman

Mothman was noticed in 1966 by 5 men at a cemetery digging up a hole the cemetery was in West Virginia. The men spotted a "brown human being" on a tree and it flew off the men were astonished about what they saw.

What is Mothman

Some ask what is Mothman? The question is unknown just like Bigfoot,aliens,The Bermuda Triangle and The Illuminati. Some people believe he is a bird that got in some Chemicals in a old chemical factory in West Virginia. Some others believe he is a alien that has a moth like appearance. Mothman is able to fly 100 miles per hour. People believe he can cast spells on you with his eyes. Some even say he is a supernatural being.

Facts about Mothman

There is a Mothman museum in West Virginia. There is a movie called The eyes of Mothman made in 2010. There is a ugly doll action figure that looks like Mothman. There is a golden statue of Mothman right next to the museum. There are over 100 encounters who saw Mothman. After a sighting they found hoof like prints on the ground. Scientist believe Mothman is just a owl. There is a bunch of art depicting Mothman with red eyes and wings. Paranormal investigators have also looked for Mothman. Some people claim to see a strange creature near a nuclear plant. There is a Batman foe called Killer moth.
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