Elizabethan Era London

All About Shakespeare's Stomping Grounds


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Many jobs were needed in Shakespeare's time. Such jobs as; carpenter, farmer, cheese maker, baker, and merchants. So there was a wide variety to choose from when wanting a job.


There wasn't a whole lot to do in the old days. Such games were chess, checkers, and tennis. Other than those main games, there was also a lot of plays that were put on for the people.

Queen Elizabeth I:

She was the last Queen of the Tudor dynasty. She had no children and because of this she is sometimes called The Virgin Queen. She was the 2nd daughter of Henry the 8th, and her mother was Anne Boleyn, the 2 wife of Henry. Most of her youth at Hatfield House, Hertfordshire. Even though Henry killed her mother, Elizabeth loved Henry. She was a stubborn child, but was very intelligent. At twelve, Elizabeth somehow upset Henry, who banished her from his presence. This event induced the repentant princess to become more loyal to her father. Henry died when Elizabeth was 14 years old.This put her ten-year-old brother Edward, now Edward VI, on the throne. As one of Edward's closest friends, Elizabeth was now in much power. When sickness killed her brother, her sister, Mary became queen. During her reign, Mary I imprisoned her half-sister Elizabeth in the Tower of London, suspecting her of being involved in Sir Thomas Wyatt the Younger's Rebellion (1554).

When she came to power:

She came to power November 1558 when her older half sister died.

Why is she considered the best queen England ever had?

  • She was very well-educated (fluent in six languages), and had inherited intelligence, determination and shrewdness from both parents.

  • She established a secure Church of England was established, she increased the religious belief of Catholicism.

  • Her reign witnessed widespread increase in literacy and great achievements in the arts.

  • She achieved an excellent reputation as a good and wise ruler, who was truly loved by her people.

Her connection with Shakespeare:

  • Her reign witnessed widespread increase in literacy and great achievements in the arts - great poets and playwrights emerged during her era such as William Shakespeare, Edmund Spenser, Christopher Marlowe and Sir Walter Raleigh)

The Daily Life in the Elizabethan Era

Living in England at that time period was great for some people, but not so much for others. The style of living during that time was based on wealth. If you were someone that had wealth and was well known; you would fit in just fine.

Women had tougher time than men. Women had to depend on the men they were married to or living with. Women didn't have as many opportunities as the men. For example women couldn't act in the plays that were held. Only men could men could act in the plays that were very popular during this time.

I myself would not live in England during this due t the pressure you have to be able to live happy during this time. The only reason I would live in that time period is to be able to see all the history.

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