The Other Jason Glenn

Based off the novel "The Other Wes Moore"


Smoke Weed, and get high! Turn up, no turning down. #WeTrippyMane #AintNoCominDown

The Start of it all

  • As a senior in high school, I got the grades just to get by.
  • Didn't have to do much in school because my basketball skills did all.
  • After graduating high school i went straight to the pros.

Rise And Fall

  • After a year of being in the NBA I was introduced to drugs.
  • Didn't get caught till 3 years after being in the league.
  • Then got addicted and strung out on drugs.
  • Eventually got kicked out of the NBA.

Rough Life

  • After being kicked out of the NBA I turned to drugs even harder, to where I got to the point to selling drugs.
  • Caught a case.
  • Got sentenced to 3 year of prison.

Didn't See it Coming

  • The day I get out of prison I get 3 visits, all from 3 different girls with 3 different babies, all three girls say their babies were mine.
  • So I took 3 fraternity test and surely all 3 were mine.
  • so I went into a deep state of depression about how i would take care of my kids, so i had to get a job. I couldn't get the ones i wanted because I skipped college.

How it Ended

  • I decided to open up a chicken joint in the hood. Good chicken for a low price. the whole point of the chicken joint was to raise money to support my kids.
  • The chicken joint turned into a a chicken joint while selling drugs out the back and with chicken orders.
  • I got busted and 6 year of prison and probation.
  • So after getting out of prison I decided to lay low for the rest of my life with the savings from my drug dealing and chicken business